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  1. Cabinet for my DW735 Planer

    This is my new dust collection cart for my Dewalt DW735 planer. My primary inspiration was the cabinet that Kelly made HERE. I am glad I did it because I found out first hand how powerful the chip exhaust is on this unit. The first time I turned it on, it blew the back hatch open! I added some...
  2. Planer Cart

    I made this planer cart for my Dewalt 725 planer based on Lockwatcher's groundbreaking blog tutorial. I tried to copy the dimensions exactly and it worked out very well. It is a good design and a solid cart. The design lends itself to so many different applications. I'm working on a lawn...
  3. Folding Planer Cart

    Just finished up with a new planer cart. I was getting very sick of picking this thing up and putting it away with it being so heavy. I made a final resting place for it. I took the design from a FWW article. No plans but some extremely helpful drawings. MrFid's design here on LumberJocks was a...
  4. Planer cart

    Just a quick and dirty cart based on Woodcraft Magazine plans. The cabinet is built from 3/4" ply throughout, and the top is two layers of 3/4" MDF with maple trim on the edges. It doesn't look pretty, but it's functional. I'll probably add doors at some point.
  5. Planer Cart

    I feel like these are as common as making cutting boards around here, or maybe it's just the posts I search out. But here is my planer cart. Fits under the table saw wing nicely when not in use. Locking casters, and a piece on drawer slides to get it out easier. My little craftsman jointer fit...
  6. Flip Top Tool Stand

    Hey, guys! Here is version 3 of my Flip Top Tool Stand. the first ones were built pretty directiy off the Shop Notes plans, but I made this one have all the features I thought theirs was missing. Got inspiration from a lot of projects on here as well. It's made from one sheet of 3/4" baltic...
  7. flip top cart

    flip top cart. holding my planer and thickness drum sander. got the plans from woodcraft. this cart is well worth making! Great addition to any shop.
  8. Woodworking Skill Share
    Hi folks, I've got a question about these specific plans: Same plans also found in ShopNotes issue #91. I notice that several LJ members have built this planer stand, for example:
  9. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I have a Dewalt dw734 planer that I want to put into some sort of 'hideaway' storage. I have seen a lot of examples of flip top cabinets and have not seen any reported issues caused by having the machine hang upside down, so no apparent problem there. What I would like to do however is store...
  10. Blogs
    Mo tools, mo problems. Gift Horse Power The shop is only a year and a half own and I am constantly cleaning and organizing. Tools have accumulated quicker than I can file them. Kristin's Grandfather has been giving me tools like crazy. Just two weeks ago(along with yard tools and some nice...
  11. Woodturning
    A purchased this lathe recently from a friend who closed his studio for health reasons. Included in the purchase was this duplicator. I would like to learn more about it. Can anyone help identify it? There are no manufacturer's markings that I can find. Thanks!
  12. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I am i the market for a new lathe. Looking for a lathe with 16"-20" over bed. My skill level is moderate to high (bowls, custom reproduction work) Space & budget is limited. Any suggestions?
1-12 of 12 Results