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  1. Marketplace Classifieds
    For sale, lightly used Veritas LA Jack Plane, with 2 PM-V11 Blades, 25 deg and 50 deg , less than 2 years old. Local pickup in Manalapan, NJ Price $275 OBO
    $275 USD
  2. Hand Tools
    I have an opportunity to pick up a Millers Falls #9, Type 3. Nice plane, not exactly 'rare', but it's the exact plane I've been looking for. But there is a slight chip out of the body, right at the toe. How big of a deal is this? The sole is intact, it looks like the front ~3/4" of the 'wing' is...
  3. Projects Pedel plane

    Top cat pedel plane, fun build, ground tests complete, ready for first flight flight!
  4. Marketplace Classifieds
    This is a used but good condition Stanley Bailey #6 "fore" plane. This is a great heavyweight plane for planing down longer boards... I used it as part of the process of flattening necks on musical instruments (banjos!) prior to attaching the fingerboard. The original blade that came with this...
    $100 USD
  5. Marketplace Classifieds
    STANLEY BAILEY No7C Jointer Plane. Great shape for age, 1910 patent date, sound castings, no cracks. Hock Tools blade and chip breaker near new (Bench Plane Blades and Breakers), corrugated sole as seen at the pictures, partial decal on Rosewood tote. I got three jointers, time to let this one go!
    $130 USD
  6. Walnut Clad Pump Dispensers

    Using the project info. from the WOOD magazine: Walnut Pump Dispenser ( Oct 1991 Issue 46 P.74), I made a couple of lotion / soap dispensers out of 1/4" Walnut. I'm going to make a few more using scrap oak pieces. By the way, the most critical tool used for this project was the digital angle...
  7. JenAire cutting boards

    I made these for an old neighbor some time ago, Cherry, Jatoba, Maple, Walnut and Moradillo, double sliding dovetails on the end boards.
  8. Redwood Patio Table

    Built this in August of last year when my mother-in-law asked that she get a table for her front porch for coffee - same as the purpose of the tapered leg table (also in the Project area) that she saw, used and liked! Found a similar product picture on-line that set the basic design, and then...
  9. Speakers & Stands

    Well a few of you may or may not have followed the one or two blogs on these... Whilst I can say the are not finished due to they don't have any for of protective coating as of yet, I can say that I have finished because I won't be doing that and the owner of them has not decided himself as of...
  10. Started months ago just finished it today. Cigar box guitar

    I started this guitar months ago but it sat around unfinished. I decided to wrap it up today. Its a short version with a poplar neck with padauk inlaid into it. It has frets to scale for its size. Its a 4 string and it feels really solid which is different from others i have seen, they...
  11. Valentines Day Mirror for my wife

    Just a simple frame for a mirror my wife wanted to go above the hutch in our dining room…it's still the rain season so the wood hasn't had much chance for UV exposure but I'm hoping it darkens up a bit over the summer. Enjoy.
  12. Heart Pine Corner cabinet

    I was informed that I we needed a corner cabinet to house a new television in what was going to become our exercise room. So I took up the challenge and went to work. I have never attempted a corner cabinet before and had not really thought about how they are constructed. This project taught...
  13. Walnut and Maple box

    Walnut and Maple dresser valet I made as a Christmas present. The is the second box I've made, so it has a few flaws. The small feet are walnut, the box is maple, the splines are walnut, the lid is walnut and maple, the handle is a small piece of walnut I picked up off the floor. The spline jig...
  14. A Mission Statement Studio, handmade tile, bought on eBay framed in arts and crafts style QSWO frame

    A Mission Statement Studio handmade tile link to website This one is for sale. Send me an email. ... Arts and Crafts Style Pagoda frame, Quarter sawn White Oak,with Honduran mahogany corbels, aniline dye, mahogany stain and seedlac shellac ... allot of great deals on ebay for studio and...
  15. Bench Top Jointer

    Bench top Jig to hold my electric hand plane as a small jointer. Based on the YouTube tutorial by Get Hands Dirty. It works very well :)
  16. North Pole Mailbox

    Thanks to Steve at Woodworking for Mere Mortals I made this wonderful mailbox for the children. His plans are great as well as the video's he produces. I'll make more for next year.
  17. Shaker Media Cabinet

    This cabinet was a long time in the making. It is over 7 feet tall and 50 inches wide. It is solid wild Virginia cherry procured from Appomattax, VA via Craigslist. It has a six panel solid back with mortise and tenon rails and stiles. It has two sliding dovetail shelves and a sub top that has...
  18. Rustic Maple Coffee Table

    This is a rustic Coffee table that I made for a client out of a 2.5 inch solid maple plank. The plank was salvaged from an old hip barn that was being torn down. The legs are white oak that was salvaged out of the same barn. I used dowels to connect the legs. And just a poly finish to...
  19. Dovetail and Carved Candle Box

    So I made a box for my wife a while back and everyone kept asking how I made it so I thought I would make a second one slightly differently and show what all went into making this small Dovetailed Candle Box. Here is the full Build video on this box!
  20. Bathroom cabinet 2 (not another bloody sequel) - pine with ash trimmings construction

    This project follows on from one that went disastrously wrong. It is intended to provide additional storage space for our apparently never ending accumulation of toiletries and bathroom acoutrements. The construction is basic using simple haunched housing joints. Mortise and tenon joints were...
1-20 of 500 Results