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  1. A Beaded Plane Rack

    In making this plane rack (out of sapele), I borrowed most of the moulding planes seen here from a good friend who is also a wooden plane expert to figure out the size of the rack. (I don't think I will have a collection of that many wooden planes at the end of the day.) The beading tool was...
  2. Hand plane and chisels till/rack

    The frame is made of oak and the dividers of wenge. Took longer than expected but came out better than expected too. Leave a comment if you like it or you have a question.
  3. Handplane Storage Rack Wallmounted

    A simple to build easy to use hand plane rack. It's not pretty but works great - function over form for the shop. The only difference between slots is the width. I found that all the different length planes could be retained at the same height, making the rack versatile as the tools changed over...
  4. Plane Rack

    I finally got around to building a plane rack to go with the chisel rack I built earlier in the year. It doesn't hold all of my planes, just the ones I use most. I say that but like most people, I don't use all of the Stanley bench planes. They look cool though. I'm still in the process of...
  5. French Cleat Systainer/Plane Storage

    Just showing off my french cleat system for the new shop. Going with a lot of festool stuff for the rebuild… and though the systainers are AWESOME for storage and transport, they are a little frustrating for in-shop use because the top-loading nature of them means that you can't set things on...
  6. Sweating for Bucks Through Woodworking
    I have seen some forums and blogs where people are selling their projects and am just curious how many jocks are really selling. I know there are professional cabinet makers and other professionals who are running a business but I am talking about guys who are doing it for a hobby. If you are...
1-6 of 6 Results