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  1. Scrap Oak Scrub Plane (Hand tools only)

    I am not a plane maker. This was my first venture into the land of plane making. And since I am trying to migrate over to using hand tools only, I made this with only hand tools. I needed a scrub plane that would do what I needed, the one I had before really bit the cheese for some reason. So I...
  2. Blogs
    Old dreams The toolmaking part of my life comes in fits and starts. Over the last year I have built 3 planes for a client and it was a pleasure and an experience. Last week, yes Div, believe it or not, I finished an oak postbox for a client and really enjoyed the simplicity of the project. I...
  3. Blogs
    A Krenov-style plane making workshop at Lee Valley (Toronto) For anyone wishing to start making wooden planes, I suggest something like this 2-day workshop at Lee Valley. I took the workshop run by Steven Der-Garabedian last June, and had a great time. I have to admit the plane still isn't...
1-3 of 3 Results