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  1. Christmas gifts - an excuse to break out the lathe again

    Started on some early Christmas gifts. The white pen is elk antler. And the one on the bottom is a razor.
  2. Pizza Party for a Cause

    LJ, Don Broussard put out a request for auction items for the Water for People conference in Tulsa this month. This is what I came up with. I had seen this style of pizza cutter and peel on line and thought I'd give it a try. The wood is a glued up panel of pecan that I received from William at...
  3. Pizza Peel and Matching Pizza Cutter

    Pizza peel and matching pizza cutter in Canadian Black Walnut with cherry and Osage orange features and a brass feature in the handle.
  4. Miniture Pizza Cutter of a little Pizza Lover!

    This was made for my nephew who turned 3. So I thought I'd TURN him a pizza cutter since he love pizza so much. Kit is from woodcraft. Wheel has a 2.5'' diameter. Woods used, Maple, Cherry, Walnut, and Padauk.
  5. Matching Ice Cream Scoop and Pizza Cutter

    On a whim and with a few extra bucks in my pocket I got some Spectraply turning blanks at my local Woodcraft a couple years ago. I made a candle holder and a bud vase out of some and the boss, er…wife, really liked it. So Christmas eve two years ago I made her an ice cream scoop with a...
  6. The Pizza Cutter and the Simple Box.

    Boys and Girls, I've been making far too many posts lately and it has cost me a small fortune in postage stamps so I am ganging up several projects (and a review) in one. While looking through my scrap bin for material to build my Milwaukee Trimmer Box I came across this simple "unfinished"...
  7. Pizza Cutter & Cheese Plane

    The cheese plane handle is macacauba and the pizza cutter handle is a composite from woodcraft. Both turned really easily.
  8. Beer Swap 2020- from a non-drinker

    Another Swap has come and gone and another is on the way. The latest swap was the annual Beer Swap hosted by Kenny. Thanks Kenny! I don't even drink but decided to jump in anyway. I received Grant as my recipient and came up with the small set of items you see here. The Pizza Party Tool is made...
  9. Pizza Time!

    I love pizza! I don't think there is any such thing as bad pizza. I even like the cheap frozen stuff! But, this isn't about me our how much I like pizza. It's about a buddy of mine that I met through an airgun forum about 6 years ago. We live half of the nation apart from one another but...
  10. Something new for the show

    Something new I am adding to our catalog beginning with tomorrow's show. 2 1/2" mini pizza cutters also paired another one of these up with a bottle opener for a Pizza & Beer Combo. Blanks are Maple or Birch that's what they were marked when I picked them up on clearance. CtL
  11. Lacewood pizza cutter

    I turned this pizza cutter handle out of lacewood for my neighbor adam wells. The big problem and more of an annoyance really is that the lacewood splinters and fractures like small pieces of glass. It also requires a great deal of sanding to get a smooth finish. The pizza cutter head was...
  12. Pizza Cutters

    These are the handles of what will be pizza cutters. I still need to finalize the assembly, but the woodworking part is done. Wood - Maple and Walnut (of course) Finish - Wip on Poly
  13. Saw Handle Pizza Cutter

    I decided to combine 2 things we all love pizza and woodworking by make a new saw handle pizza cutter.The handle is made of teak and I used my dremel to shape it.I used 2 part epoxy to set the cutter into the handle.I used oil and wax to finish the pizza cutter.I made a youtube video of the...
  14. Pizza pizza

    Made pizza one day and low and behold, we are apparently the kind of people that are able to lose a large sized pizza cutters, so turning (no pun intended) lemons into lemonade, we bought a woodriver pizza cutter kit. Now I know it was a simple turning but it was a fun project that I know...
  15. Pizza Peel, and cutter

    This a Christmas gift. Hard Maple & Walnut. Steps: 1. Start with 3/4" stock from Father in Law 2. Cut to approximate length with handsaw 3. Joint edges for gluing with handplane 4. Glue-up 5. Use Jig-saw to cut out basic shape 6. Break out the heavy cambered wooden Jack plane, jointer plane...
  16. Christmas Gifts

    These are Christmas gifts I made for my daughter. Both are from kits I bought from Chefware Kits. I turned the handles from a Walnut tool handle blank that I bought some time back and never used. I am happy with the way they turned out.
  17. Blackwood Pizza Cutter

    This is a pizza cutter that I made for my lovely wife. It is made of Blackwood and is approximately 7" long and approximately 1" at the fattest point in the center. I sanded it to 2000 grit and applied 3 coats of tong oil. I them buffed and waxed it to its final finish. Any comments or...
  18. Ultimate Pizza Cutter

    I had wanted to get DW a decent pizza cutter for Christmas, but nothing available online was all that great. Even the expen$ive ones were mainly plastic. So I decided to make my own! :) The handle is super comfortable, being custom hand-shaped oak and all other components are stainless steel...
  19. Wood & Lumber
    Last week I was at one of our local hardwood dealers for some poplar and ended up leaving with just under 20 bf of Mahogany (7-12 in wide boards). The S3S 4/4 mahogany was selling for 5.99 a BF, clear pieces at around 6-7 ft in length. I didn't have a real plan for the wood but figured I could...
  20. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    So ive been curious and tried using the site resources to find any 'jocks nearby, i kinda live in BFE and sometimes around thia backwards town, people look at me weird when i talk woodworking. Be nice to get learn from aome more experienced workers, as my mentor passed on 10 yrs ago.
1-20 of 20 Results