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  1. Treasure Chest

    Diresta inspired treasure chest made of steel angle iron and pallet wood.
  2. Curved Top Chest - Wedding Gift Box

    This is a curved top chest that I made to receive gift cards and such at my wedding. I initially had this chest about 50% larger, but the wife (still sounds weird saying that, lol) said it was too big, so I cut it down. That's why some of my joints don't line up perfectly. And the initial go...
  3. salvaged pirate chest

    Stuff like this is always my favorite, because when I start one one of these, I never know how it's going to turn out when I get done, & I like to make it look a certain way, old & beat up, not new looking & gift shop junky. These photos were taken after I got the two pieces put together, sanded...
  4. Pirate's Chest

    I made this as a keepsake chest for my wife. It's all red oak. I steamed the top to bend the planks. The color contrast is just staining. The only thing not solid oak is oak veneer plywood for the bottom. I'm not sure I would make it the same way again, but it was fun, and I learned a bit about...
  5. Treasure Chest

    Handcrafted Treasure Chest, will custom build to order.
  6. Oak Treasure Chest

    Medium sized Treasure Chest crafted from Whit Oak featuring two removable boxes and printed cork lining the interior of the lid.
  7. Studded Wormy Walnut...instant age

    Crafted from some old walnut, this is one of the smaller sized chests that I build. It features a removable tray and is studded with "daisy" tacks.
  8. Pirate Chest

    My Daughter asked for a pirate chest for my upcoming new grandbaby's reveal party. I obliged with the made out of old black walnut rough cut.
  9. Pirate Treasure Chest

    Done in time for Halloween!!! The boys wanted to be pirates this year and naturally needed a treasure chest to collect their booty from the neighborhood! LOL My search for plans yielded a few plans that were free but nothing fit the bill. I really wanted something special and the youngest...
  10. Sweating for Bucks Through Woodworking
    I just wanted to write concerning the ever popular practice of scamming.. I am so tired of listing my hard earned craft on whatever site you chose and being bombarded by people trying to steal it from me. At least half of the replies that I receive from these sites are people trying to scam me...
  11. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Good Morning, I just saw on craigslist a Powermatic 64A from 2006-2007 being posted. Here is the link And here is whats included…(900.00) - 50" Powermatic fence rails with homemade extension table - Jet Xacta Fence II (micro adjust) -...
1-11 of 11 Results