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  1. Where Good Pipes Go

    Pipe Cabinet on stand for a well known American pipe carver. Cherry, White Oak, Gabon Ebony, curly Maple, Smoke tree Burl. Handmade pin and key locking mechanism. I'm pleased with every portion of this make which is rare for me. A real sense of satisfaction.
  2. French Cleat Measurement Tool Storage

    A few years ago, I installed a pair of French cleat rails in our garage. At the time, I had grand plans to build all sorts of handy little storage racks and the like. Aside from some clamp racks and a crosscut sled holder, I never built any of those things. Now that I can't easily go out and buy...
  3. Rusticated freehand Briar Tobacco Pipe

    This pipe was made for TerryR in the 2014 pipe swap. The stummel is made from briar and the stem is made from Acrylic.
  4. Pipes

    Some pipes I've done, all were done on the lathe. the more figured wood is an ash burl, others are walnut or cherry. I haven't posted anything for a while, so I thought I would
  5. The Pipes, the pipes are calling...

    from glenn to glenn….......damn Im getting carried away. Anywho these are the other kinda pipe. The first two I carved a generation ago and have enjoyed time and time again. The last was made this year and has just commenced service. Perhaps carved is too strong. Sanded and shaped more accurate...
  6. Three Pipe Stand

    A stand for tobacco pipes made from American Smoketree Burl and ebonized Cherry. The figure and chatoyance of the burl is amazing. Mother Nature can do marvelous things!
  7. Lumberjerks pipes - or at least MaFe's

    Lumberjerks pipes or at least MaFe's. Had a few pipe blanks standing on the workbench for a while, got them for a fair price last year and so the collected dust in the shop. It was the prefabricated type. Wednesday I looked at them I figured it was time to send some smoke signals. Always put a...
  8. Drill Press Vertical Boring Guide

    Here's the jig I designed to drill vertically at the drill press. As shown, it's all made out of scraps : 3/4" plywood and 2" thick wall PVC pipe. Sometimes it's so easy ! The PVC pipes are bolted together and then screwed to the upright, which has to be square to the base. Round and small...
  9. First project that paid real money

    These were my first real paying projects. A 10' conference table and a 7' display table.They are made out of pine finished with 2 coats of stain and 5 coats of polly
  10. Laszlo Pipe Cabinet

    Quartered White Oak, Walnut Burl, and Gabon Ebony. Cabinet still to be fumed with aqueous ammonia but otherwise complete. What makes this cabinet unique is the door baffle system which allows the cabinet to vent properly without doors being open or otherwise piercing the carcass. UPDATE...
  11. Safety in the Woodworking Shop
    Hey everybody, I think I'm up in my own head about this problem. So, I've decided to ask for some input. I'm getting ready to install a brand new 3HP dust collection system in the shop. I got this one from Grizzly So, it has a 7" inlet port, which has a 3 way splitter to 4" pipes. I'm going to...
  12. Designing Woodworking Projects
    I want to build a pipe stand, as I do not care for the design of the one I bought many years ago. My question is; what tool would you use to create the scooped out area (where the bowl of the pipe sits) of a pipe stand? Alternately, how would you create this part of the project. I'm not a...
  13. Sweating for Bucks Through Woodworking
    Local head shop needs wooden pipes. Had some short purpleheart scraps under the bench. Now I have eight, eight purpleheart pipes (think of the Count from Sesame St.) I actually made eleven but two didn't survive drilling and shaping and I kept the runt for myself (too small to sell). M
  14. Woodworking Skill Share
    Been doing lots of small projects. Rather than flood the forums wit lots of little projects I'm collecting them into a single blog Questions, comments, insults are all welcome. Discuss! M
  15. Blogs
    Finish for tobacco pipes I have a question I really need answering to. Is it possible to use salad bowl finish on a tobacco pipe? I want to keep the natural color of the wood I used, but just using wax isnt making it pop like I would want it to. I know there are other finishes I could use, but...
  16. Jigs & Fixtures
    Most of my boxes, I use a porter cable 4212 dovetail jig, (with through dovetails) but splines are handy for picture frames, and lots of other things.( Also I use box joints a lot too) The main problem with through dovetails, they take a long time to cut them all. I don't like changing router...
  17. Finishing
    So I am building an alder table…I know its a relatively soft wood for a table top…but thats what my friend wants. I have never finished a table top so I would like some advice for the best finish for me. I am not a professional finisher so I am looking for something that is relatively easy to...
  18. Woodworking Skill Share
    Welcome. Please feel free to post any pipe related questions, information, resources here. I will be adding more info on here soon!!
1-18 of 18 Results