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  1. Steampunk Game Shelves

    These shelves are the first step in the steampunk remodel of our library. I'm planning on adding two Edison lights-one that will hang down from the exposed pipe on the left bottom shelf, and one that will stick up from the top left exposed pipe. The boards are pine 2×12s and the pipe is 3/4...
  2. New Pipe - Paolina yellow

    Here is my new pipe, what do you think about it?
  3. Wooden Tobacco Pipe

    This wooden tobacco pipe came together very nicely with some scraps of Tiger Maple.
  4. Hand Pipe

    This beautiful handmade pipe was a joy to make. "If your curious how I got the dark purple finish see here:": *To those of you who may comment on purpleheart's potential toxicity in a pipe, I know the debate. Smoke out of purpleheart ar...
  5. Pipe cutting jig

    A quick jig for cutting PVC pipe along the long axis, using a jig saw. Designed it with removable inserts so that different diameters of pipe could be cut. Works great!
  6. Freehand Briar Pipe

    Carved from Briar with a dremel, this tobacco pipe was the third created about 4 years ago. The holes were drilled with a hand drill before I had bought a drill press and somehow they met up just right on the inside. I actually had to round a spade bit over with a grinder to make the bottom of...
  7. Smoke'em if ya got'em

    A friend was giving away some wood {black walnut & apple} and ask if a guy like me could use some. I could'nt turn it down… but after loading up a nice uncut log about 6' long and 6" across. I ask if I could pay him for such a nice amount of wood. He said "No!.... But I would like one of those...
  8. Pipe "Scythia"

    Pear, beech, hazel, cherry, Ural malachite. 34 cm. 2011.
  9. Blackthorn & Briar

    This is a Blackthorn Shillelagh walking stick and Briar pipe set I made for my friend's fiancé. The Shillelagh has a Briar wood top, Natural Blackthorn shank and copper plated collar. I also included a copper plated Scottish Shilling badge. I finished the stick with Danish Oil and Gun Stock...
  10. Duck head pipe cane

    Sorry in advance for the photo quality (or rather the lack thereof). This cane has a burnt matchstick shaft which is hollowed out at the top to hold a pipe stem (with inlaid garnet). The head is Grecian Briarwood, the collar is ebony, the beak is also of ebony and opens to accept the pipe stem...
  11. Apple wood tobacco pipe

    Here is one of my recent pipes made from apple wood that had been air drying for 25 years. Thanks for looking!
  12. Steampunk apple wood tobacco pipe

    This one was a commission job The bowl is made from apple with brass gears recessed into it. The stem is black walnut with leather and brass accents wrapped around the shank.
  13. Grecian briar wood pipe

    This is the only 'real' pipe I've ever made and the only piece of mine that won an award. The pic doesn't show it but there is negative space between the claws and the bowl. Still have this and am often tempted to go back and rework the transition between pipe and stem.
  14. Mallets

    I made these two mallets, one for my dad, and one for me. They are made of curly maple and another wood that my best guess is jatoba. It is very hard and very heavy. The hardest part for me was shaping the handles, I need more practice with the bandsaw. But I think they turned out very well...
  15. Moxon Vise

    I found a project online on how to build your own Moxon vise and I had almost everything to build it. The project called for 1/2" plywood and 1/2" pipe clamps…. I had the clamps but I only had 3/4" and 1/2" MDF…I Know that mdf is not as strong as plywood but I just spend a small fortune on my...
  16. Cobra Peace Pipe

    I don't really know the official definition of a peace pipe. But thats my story and i'm sticking to it. I'm very proud of it and it brought me moments of peaceful bliss while i created it. I carved and shaped it out of Sapele and Walnut. Most of the work took place between my bandsaw and my...
  17. Delete?

    Anyone else have trouble deleting projects?...
  18. Bent Billiard Churchwarden E-Pipe

    My first attempt to make my own electronic pipe mod. The bowl and shank is Walnut with an additional shank of Wenge. The second shank covers the vape tank. The Churchwarden stem was purchased and I believe is either Lucite or Vulcanite. Sub-miniature normally open push button swith. It took me...
  19. MaFe's pipe

    MaFe's pipe Smoke signals to US. This post comes from my Carving a pipe blog . A short blog showing my American friend Eric the result of my efford. I have made several knifes, but never a pipe before, but now this is history and I have a feeling it might happen again. A wonderful way to...
  20. Figured Brazilian Cherry Tobacco Pipe

    I did a little research and seeing other people use this wood for pipes, It seems to be a non-toxic wood (burning/smoke) It is very difficult to carve due to the density though. The entire pipe was carved by hand with a chisel and rasp after it was cut to rough shape. The bowl is 7/8's and the...
41-60 of 147 Results