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  1. The Salty Old Broad Pipe

    New pipe. One piece (stem permanently attached). Made from briar and ebonite. Stained with Aniline black and orange, which unexpectedly created a brown and green effect. Made from scratch, including the stem. Took me about 16 hours or so.
  2. figure of an old Cossack

    The figure turned out spontaneously: planing the scab of the Linden and suddenly noticed the shape of the figure. A wise old man sitting on the bench, listening intently, Smoking a pipe. The first figure where i managed to make a dynamic pose
  3. Arts & Crafts Coffered Ceiling & Trim

    Coffered Great Room Ceiling using 5/4 red oak finish milled on-site in my shop. Hides four sprinkler heads which were carefully positioned during original construction so coffering would be in the right place. Ceiling was finished with 5/8" drywall and then the millwork was added. Some...
  4. Pipe making

    My first two pipe, made in briar.
  5. Pipe"The Dragon on the Totem Pole".

    Materials: beech, amaranth, garnet, jet, amber, cornelian.
  6. Smoker Face Carving

    "Pipin' Parader" This fella' really enjoys a good smoke. He appreciates the solitude and reflection that accompany his evening-time toke. It's the time of day when he can rest his legs and stretch out his toes for a bit. He sits, thinks, smokes and smiles of the day past and beauty that...
  7. My first Walnut Pipe

    I have never made a pipe, nor ever smoked before, but I felt like this might be a really cool project to attempt. Let me know what you think!
  8. First Tobacco pipe

    First post here! First attempt at a tobacco pipe. Not the prettiest I have ever seen, but it smokes great and I'm proud of the way it turned out with the limited tools I have. Hope you guys enjoy, and also look forward to learning a ton from everyone on here!
  9. Algerian Briar Pipe "Poker"

    This is the second pipe I have ever created even though I have been collecting for the last 9 years. It is made from a relatively cheap Algerian Briar. The stem is from Vulcanite. I tried to go for a Poker look, but with bowl that was a little more abstract. The main tools I used for this...
  10. Pocket Pipe

    This was my submission for the 2014 pipe swap. The original intent was to make a pipe which could be transported without the fear of a broken stem and the original design was to have a storage container for tobacco within the pipe. The storage container was excluded due to a concern that this...
  11. PIPE "Night Garden"

    smoking pipe. cherry.
  12. Rusticated freehand Briar Tobacco Pipe

    This pipe was made for TerryR in the 2014 pipe swap. The stummel is made from briar and the stem is made from Acrylic.
  13. Pipe "Tiger Hunt"

    Pipe "Tiger Hunt". Pear, beech, hazel, amber, Crimean Trues. 35 cm. 2011.
  14. Pipe "East wind"

    Pear, beech, mahogany, amber, mammoth tusk. 30 cm 2010
  15. a manzanita pipe

    I used a chop saw and grinder to produce a pipe blank from a branch, then finished the rest with hand sanding, oil, and polish. (filled a small knot with turquoise too).
  16. Coffee Table Made from Pallets

    My son needed a coffee table. So I got the Shopsmith out and used hardwood top slats from some pallets I had broken down They were thin, so the glue up was a little tricky. I didn't have any cauls, so I went to Lowes and bought some steel garage door tracks, half in carriage bolts, and 1/16"...
  17. Microwave cart from pallet wood

    My son needed a microwave cart. I broke down some pallets, got some iron wheels, and 1/4 inch pipe. I used my shopsmith 510 to make the cart. It matches the coffee table and dining room table I made for him.
  18. Wizard Woodcarving, Pipe Smoker, by Josh Carte

    " The Wizard of Woe".... A packed pipe and a moment of reflection… This fella' is carved from a Pine Knot. It's a very light and holey piece of wood due to the prior inhabitants before the wizard moved in-ants…No worries, they are gone now :)
  19. Pipe "Smile little goblin"

    Pear, hazel, stained glass. 26 cm
21-40 of 147 Results