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  1. Industrial Look shelving for local church

    The local church is building a new youth center. The designer for the new center asked me to use the "Industrial Look" design for a new set of shelving, about 7 feet wide. She gave me a link to what she was looking for. She said the Industrial Look was the "in thing" right now. I guess...
  2. Pipes on Etsy

    Handmade pipes for sale on Etsy… This one is oak, sapele, cumaru with maple stripe. Tools used are Craftsman drill press, American Machine Tool band saw, 80 inch belt sander and Ryobi oscillating spindle sander. grey green pipestone
  3. FWW New-fangled Workbench

    Originally published as project in the Nov/Dec 1999 issue of Fine Woodworking, this bench was developed by John White, the shop manager at FWW. It was recently revived when the folks at the magazine put out a video as an update due to several inquiries about the bench over the years. For links...
  4. Deleted

    How do I delete?
  5. Steampunk/Industrial pipe shelves

    Saw a photo of a pipe and wood shelf on instructables, so I decided to make on. Each section is 4'x5' and is built using 1/2" pipe and red oak boards. Added some gauges, copper, and other things to spice it up and to use as bookends. Not done yet, but it's good for now.
  6. Author pipe

    This is an Author pipe that I made for the Kansas City pipe show contest. It is made from briar with a hard maple accent. The stem is made from ebonite that started out as a solid rod. It is finished with alcohol soluble dyes and carnival wax.
  7. handmade pipes on Etsy

    Handmade pipes for sale on Etsy… Tools used are Craftsman drill press, AMT band saw, 80 inch belt sander and Ryobi oscillating spindle sander. The first pipe is ash burl with mahogany and maple stripe. Frosty pipestone. Uncle Fred is a black pipe made with Ebony'zd white oak and the famous...
  8. The pipe in the box.

    This is my another order.The box with two compartments for the pipe and for tobacco.The box made of ash and pine.The pipe made of tinted pear.
  9. Double Live-Edge Cherry & Copper Pipe Display Table

    Unique display table is made from a big hunk of double live-edge cherry (from a friend's property in Tennessee) and from industrial-grade, three-quarter-inch copper pipe. Table includes two copper pipe shelves. The beautiful and distinctive table top has been finished with clear stain and with...
  10. Where Good Pipes Go

    Pipe Cabinet on stand for a well known American pipe carver. Cherry, White Oak, Gabon Ebony, curly Maple, Smoke tree Burl. Handmade pin and key locking mechanism. I'm pleased with every portion of this make which is rare for me. A real sense of satisfaction.
  11. Refurbished Briar Burl Pipe

    20 years ago I salvaged three very old grungy Briar burl pipes thinking that they might be worth refurbishing. Yesterday I attempted to do so. Scraping out the petrified cake of carbon and tobacco proved difficult but by using a small sanding drum on the drill press I got the bowl cleaned out...
  12. Theme Candle Wall Holder

    Theme Candle Wall Holder The base is made out of pallet wood half is iron acetate and the other half just varnished. The Eagle and Dragon are of 3mm plywood sprayed win thin lacquer. The tea light holder is made from Ipe wood and the metal pipes are just varnished to give that rustic look. I...
  13. Tobacco Pipe

    Definitely the most detailed pipe I have done so far. Hand carved from a single block of briar. Did 90% of the work with a dremel, then the final 10% with sandpaper and filing sticks. Not perfect, but overall I'm happy with how it came out. Time to try it out!
  14. Ipe and Cherry "Wizard" pipe

    I recently saw someone on youtube making tobacco pipes and it really inspired me to make my own. Honestly I have always wanted to try this, but could never figure out how to make such a long curved stem…until now. To make the stem, I re-sawed two thin strips of Ipe on my bandsaw then ran a...
  15. Live edge coffee table

    This project was a first in several aspects. 1. This spruce tree was standing next to my wife's aunt's porch. The tree was dying and she decided to have it cut down. I asked her if I could have the logs from this and two other trees. 2. A fellow industrial arts teacher in a neighboring...
  16. Diamond Deco Cherry & Copper Pipe End Table

    This table features 196 soldered copper joints! Top is made from cherry that was part of a truckload a friend bought in West Virginia.
  17. Rustic Pottery Shelves

    Built some pottery drying shelves for my wife. Made out of 5/4 barn boards with a galvanized pipe frame. Got inspired by a shelf in a local art store in Eau Claire, WI. Sorry about the sideways photos, that's the way they upload.
  18. Pipe

    Pipe… walnut and hickory. Gotta do somethin with cutoffs
  19. Grandfather (Кузьма)

    h-40cm. "Siberian collection", hand made,basswood,rustic.
  20. The Salty Old Broad Pipe

    New pipe. One piece (stem permanently attached). Made from briar and ebonite. Stained with Aniline black and orange, which unexpectedly created a brown and green effect. Made from scratch, including the stem. Took me about 16 hours or so.
1-20 of 146 Results