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  1. Pink Trumpet Band Saw Box with Four Drawers

    April, 2010-More wood from pruning back a pink trumpet bush. This has two coats of spray clear coat. I plan to put felt in the drawers, and then it is done. The design is inspired by so many free-form band saw boxes. I just took my glue-up and drew a made-up design on the front of it. These...
  2. Small Band Saw Boxes from Branches

    April, 2010-Just for fun I decided to make some small boxes out of some bushes I cut way back. The darker one is from a pink trumpet bush from the back yard, and the lighter one is from an unknown bush in the front yard. The darker one was made using traditional band saw box techniques. On...
  3. Pink Trumpet Band Saw Box with One Drawer

    September, 2010-This pretty much uses up the pink trumpet wood I had from the pruning I did last year in the back yard. The limbs are squared up on the table saw, and then glued up into a nice blank for the band saw. I used Titebond II wood glue. I used the Golden Oak stain from Minwax...
  4. Pink Trumpet Pencil Boxes

    September, 2010-These are made from the Pink Trumpet tree I pruned last year. Nothing fancy. Wood glued up and then cut out into rectangular boxes with rounded ends. I put the Coke can in the photo for scale. These boxes would be useful to store pens and pencils, or other objects. They are...
  5. Little Pink Trumpet Box with Curved Top

    September, 2010-This small box is made from the core of an earlier box in this project gallery. The general shape and rounded top have brought positive comments from my friends who have handled it. Minwax Golden Ook and a clear spray were used for the finish. Coke can gives scale in photo.
  6. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I am about to upgrade my compressor and am interested in knowing what you all typically use your compressor for in woodworking. For me (so far) I've only used mine for some nailing and HVLP spraying. I'm trying to decide if I need to increase tank size in a very small shop. Thanks for the input!
  7. Jigs & Fixtures
    Hi All, I am in the process of making a new drill press table. I have a core of 3/4" baltic birch and plan on putting 1/4" tempered (smooth both sides) hardboard top and bottom. I was thinking contact cement but am wondering if there are better options? Thanks Randy
1-7 of 7 Results