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  1. Some Christmas Turning

    Just some quick turnings I did for Christmas gifts this year. First two pics are some penlights. Left to right are Purpleheart, Ironwood, Pinecones cast in resin from KelleyCrafts and cast Pinecone/**************************************** Next is a simple Purpleheart pen. Fourth picture is a couple of quick ring holders...
  2. Pinecone Sphere

    Today I show you how I made an epoxy resin sphere. It's basically trapped pine cones inside of the epoxy, formed so it has a small stand. After it all hardened, I sanded it down to 500 grit. Afterwards i used my own sanding paste for the finish. I would be very happy to read your comment...
  3. Latest inlaid platters

    I continue to make and sell these platters, using mostly local CA woods (sycamore, ash, olive, black walnut). I inlay them with anything I can get my hands on. I go for contrasting colors, especially in the blue and green color range. Enjoy! Rustic Andy
1-3 of 3 Results