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  1. Turn any saw into a kerfing plane (prototype) {aka kerfing saw or rebate saw}

    We had a discussion a while back about kerfing planes in the Handplanes of your dreams thread. Only luban makes a kerfng blade for a combination plane. Otherwise you have to make your own. There are sevral kits around, for example Bad Axe Tool Works and Blackburn Tools or you can cut up an...
  2. Wood Magazine Grinder stand

    As part of cleaning and organizing my shop I built a stand for my bench grinder. I used the plans from the May 2011 issue of Wood magazine as a starting point. I altered the design a little by moving the center support back and added a couple shelves. The top is a little bigger than the plans. I...
  3. Cross section of the Avondster

    Hi, In addition to the making of the tenth scale model I was asked to also make a Cross section of the midship of it, Actually I started working on it before I was commissioned.I started on a one twenty scale. just for kicks, Seeing this they requested a one tenth scale to go with the model...
  4. Small Reclaimed Wood Chest

    Small Chest made from reclaimed Swedish pine wood frame 35×35mm thickness and 5mm plywood stripes in a rustic look. Dimensions are 445X240X320 mm
  5. 12 Volt Floor Lamp

    Here is a unique project that I came up with. I took a 12 volt landscape lighting fixture, ordered a longer stem that matched the original (48") and built a wooden base for a floor lamp. I housed a 120 to 12 volt mini transformer in the base. I have it plugged in to a timer so that it turns...
  6. Tool Cabinet

    I received a number of hand tools for Christmas and needed someplace to store them. I also had some reclaimed lumber that and some perfboard lying about the shop. Here's the result, attached to the wall with french cleats. I know it's not the fanciest tool cabinet ever displayed on Lumberjocks...
  7. bird feeder / bath

    bird feeder / bath was built from left over scrap, to replace our old feeder, that needed to be retired
  8. porch table

    This project is from a couple of years ago, it was for my aunt who moved next door to us. She wanted a table for her back porch. It's made of pine. The top has 3 coats of polyurethane while the legs are painted. Sorry for the poor lighting, not a very talented photographer. Thanks for looking.
  9. Toy Refrigerator

    This is for my grandsons, ages 2 and 5, to add to their existing range and sink unit. It was modeled after a commercial toy and built entirely from shop remnants and old hinges from our former kitchen cabinets. In retrospect, I should have made the front and rear panels taller to hide the...
  10. wall hanging bathroom cabinet

    a bathroom cabinet made for my sister for christmas
  11. Hand made semi hollow longboard skateboard

    I make these semi hollow boards, they are hand shaped and built completely from scratch. The boards are designed to feel more like a surfboard than the bendy cruisers that are out there. The designs are all original and double as art and grip, whether barefoot or wearing shoes. hope you like!
  12. Pine Kitchen Corner nook

    A client wanted a corner nook for her kitchen and had a general idea of what she wanted by supplying me with some furniture ads. I used Sketchup to develop a basic design for her and after about 4 changes came up with the final plan. This was the final result which took about 40 hours of work...
  13. Decorative Barrel Planter

    I have few plastic planters and they look ugly, so decided to make them more appealing and easier on the eye by building decorative barrel shell. Note that the rope is just decorative to hide the joints. The jointing pieces are cut from the template, that you can download...
  14. Rustic Wine Rack

    This wine rack is made from a slab taken out of a Douglas Fir on our property that was rotting from the inside out. I used a hole saw to start the circle cuts, and then went to a Forstner bit to clean them out. The open center was completed the same way. Very labor intensive, so I'm going to try...
  15. Lumber Trunk

    I needed a multi-function piece for the the back porch that fit the bill of trunk, bench and coffee table. I didn't want to create a standard trunk, and took inspiration from the stacked lumber benches I saw at Millennium Park in Chicago. I created what looks like a stack of 2×8 at first glance...
  16. night stand

    night stand i built for my room this was the first project i designed and drew full plans for. the bottom is painted and top poly+wax. the third shows the hidden drawer i put in the side because everyone loves secret drawers.
  17. Mobile Assembly Table - Doors and Retractable Casters!

    Once again, something mobile… nothing special, but useful in my garage shop. A couple of weeks ago, I visited one of our local commercial lumber yards that sells cabinetry, doors, flooring, etc. to contractors. They have a door mill where they make all kinds of doors under special order as well...
  18. Framing my wife's art

    My wife decided that she wanted to have a go at selling some of the art that she does and I thought that for my first woodworking project, I would make frames so that she would have a complete offering. I went to my orange or blue store and bought cheap strip wood. 1×1, 1×2 or similar. I had to...
  19. Easy to build, Window Bed for Cat

    My cat likes to look out the window. He normally jumps up on my nightstand, but knocks everything of when he jumps up there. So I built this stand/bed for my cat. It has a old blanket on top of it, so it also can be used as a bed for a cat. Its made out of 3/4'' Pine, and 1' wood screws to hold...
  20. Conceal Flag

    Hand Painted and constructed concealment flags. Used a mylar template for the star layout. Locks with a standard cabinet lock. Overall size approx 34" x 20" with 4" case
41-60 of 500 Results