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  1. Bowl of 120 segments

    Hello friends. Today I have finished my new project. It is a large bowl that consists of 120 segments. For the segments I used pine and the insert was made from bog oak. The bowl size is 290mm from the top, from the bottom 160mm and the height 170mm. In the end, I covered it with oil. Who is...
  2. Segmented plate with legs.

    My new project. A segmented plate of legs, it consists of 48 segments of pine. Inserts are made of bog oak. The bottom I will make is 10mm plywood. I covered all this with oil. the diameter of the plate is 300 mm, and the height of the plate is 70 mm. Here is a link to the manufacturing process.
  3. Wood & Lumber
    Hello all, I volunteer at a ministry that is teaching woodworking to inmates and I was gifted with a gorgeous and very heavy board of unidentified origin/species. Please help me to get an idea as to what I have. At first I thought it was some wormy wood but the holes have this hard and brittle...
1-3 of 3 Results