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  1. Brass and Purpleheart Pinch Sticks

    My first LJ Swap. I made these pinch sticks with Purpleheart and Aluminum sticks and brass/Ebony and brass/Pink Ivory keepers. Here is a link to my blog on the build.
  2. MY NEW Pinch Sticks

    I cut these pinch sticks out a few week ago and have been using spring hand clamps. I decided yesterday I needed a better way to clamp the sticks. So I looked through my aluminum scraps and found 2 identical pieces of aluminum about the right size with a 1/4" hole in the center and 4 threaded...
  3. Blogs
    Making Pinch Sticks I needed a new size of Pinch Sticks for an upcoming project, so I filmed how they were made. Pinch sticks are an easy to use and reliable tool for assuring that your assemblies are square during glue-up.
1-4 of 4 Results