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  1. Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Shield - Royal Edition

    This is yet another fraternity shield that I made using only royal purple and old gold. it is the first of its kind. It is made of my "old reliable" pine plywood (recycled). The size is 18". I always try to to something new. As for the background, I like to use natural elements as a background...
  2. Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Shield - Camo Special Edition

    This is yet another fraternity shield that I made. It is made of 3/4 pine plywood (recycled). This one had an interesting story behind it! Originally, I spray painted it with brown spray paint (after sanding and priming), as an easy way to out line shields that were to be made at a future date...
  3. Pastry Board & Rolling Pin

    I thought I should get around to posting some of my projects. This is a pastry board I designed and built for my wife to replace her grandmother's which we lost in a house fire. I constructed it from 5/4 Curly Maple that I picked up for a song on eBay. Each segment is 1" square and glued up...
  4. Matching Cutting Board & Rolling Pin

    I made this cutting board & matching rolling pin in the Fall of 2010. They are made of oak & cherry with a coat of mineral oil. This was my first time using the lathe & I had a blast! :-)
  5. Father/son walnut knife scales with mosaic pin

    Second video making the scales for a father/son knife with a custom mosaic pin and walnut from their family farm: (First video here: )
  6. Omega Psi Phi Shields - Cherry Edition

    These came from a special request. Normally I paint these and seldom stain them. They are approx 18" in size. When I do, I prefer using golden oak, but the cherry stain worked well. I finished it with poly, but I bought a can of shellac and will test the finish on some new pieces. If you are...
  7. Repaired Rolling Pin

    In this project, a client's custom laminate rolling pin with free-turning handles had fallen off the kitchen counter and broken off one of the handles. This project required: - drilling out the existing broken dowel - turning a new dowel on the lathe to match - gluing the new dowel back in...
  8. Train Table

    This was supposed to be used for those wooden train sets. There is a lower drawer/shelf that can be pulled out from either side.
  9. Hummingbird Pin

    I carved this for my Sweetie. This type of carving is great for someone with a very small wood supply.
  10. Weekend Whip-Ups

    Tree silhouette pin, and two pendants. What I did for entertainment over the weekend. Number 14 is for me. Were you watching the race? Then you know why…..
  11. Low Profile Entertainment Center with "Floating" Curly Maple Top and Cabinet

    Here's an entertainment center that I just finished a few weeks ago for my theater room. I'd seen a number of designs using the "floating" table top concept, so I took that same idea and modified it to work in this low profile entertainment center. I also made the lower cabinet "floating" as...
  12. Another Gift Box

    Here's another box I've made. I was given a stack of maple by a guy I work with, I made this to thank him. It is maple with cherry. The hinge is a floating pin. I was very happy with how this one turned out. My friend was appreciative and he says he's got some more free wood for me.
  13. Hair Sticks/pins

    These little sticks are a blast to make. It's rewarding to take scrap and make something. Woods used yellow heart, canary, purple heart, black walnut, and blood wood. They should make nice stocking stuffers. Thanks for the view. Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas
  14. Something I learned, you may not know!

    After cutting purple heart wood I noticed the edges were very purple but the rest was less than. Which got the grey matter churning a little. It had to be heat buildup that caused the colorr change. I did a test on a scrap piece….I covered part of the scrap and heated it up with a heat gun. The...
  15. Humpback Whale Pin

    This is a little pin I designed to sell here in Nova Scotia. Whales are native to the area and my first summer here, I went on a 'whale watch'. I thought it was going to be a lot of silliness as it seems like it was kind of a tourist trap, but I went with family and thought 'what the heck?'...
  16. Another Outdoor Morris Chair ( Finally )

    I learned alot from the first build - like shelac based primer to seal the knots. On the first chair I used 1" dowel rod to secure the adjustable back support. This chair I used 1/2" bolt's painted to match the scheme with a wing nut. Much easier to adjust the reclining back positions with this...
1-20 of 77 Results