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  1. Chess board (Inspired by Steve Ramsey)

    I first want to thank Steve Ramsey for the inspiration and design. This is my first project post. Unfortunately I did not carve the pieces although I would have LOVED to have taken credit for them. Made from maple and walnut with maple inlay and burgundy flocking in the drawers. It was...
  2. Chess Trophy

    I want to thank Maplerock for taking such beautiful picture of the trophy. This was made for the Chess Club Of Southern Indiana Championship. I wanted to make it out of wood that is grown in Indiana. I didn't make the Chess Piece, it came from the House Of Staunton, in Huntsville, Alabama. The...
  3. Chess pieces I turned on my drill press

    I didn't want not owning a lathe to stop me form making a gift for a fellow woodworker. I have managed to turn cylinders before on my drill press so I thought I would be a bit more adventurous and try my hand at making a couple bishops. I have more than happy with the results. I have a...
  4. Walnut and Maple Chess Set

    I recently finished a chess set for a friend, and this is the final product. Well, actually I took the pictures before I put felt on the bottom of the pieces, but it's basically done at the point when these pictures were taken. The board is made of sugar maple and black walnut squares. The...
  5. Router Jig for small pieces

    I always seem to have problems routing small pieces. I just can't hold them tight enough. I saw something like this in Rocklers made of metal and plastic for $50. I thought I'd make my own with stuff I had around. It works great. It's not metal but it's sturdy and strong. Should last for my needs.
  6. Bandsaw chess set

    Hi. This is my first project here and first worthy to show at all :) Made as a gift for my Father. Project of pieces found in the internet, I just modified King Pieces by adding cross at a top. I used scrap larch wood. Made on Makita LB1200F. You can view more photos from build on YT: BANDSAW CHESS
  7. Blogs
    Prototypes a work in progress These pawns I turned out of various pallet wood, deadfall, offcuts etc, the three on the right are out of african blackwood, once my final design is pleasing unto me I will turn a whole set. Each pawn becomes a little quicker. I turn them all on 3" faceplates but...
  8. Marketplace Classifieds
    This is on Craigs List in Buffalo NY . Looks like a wooden sliding table with brass adjustment hardware. Maybe it should be in a museum - seems like a good deal for $125. -Jack
1-8 of 8 Results