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  1. Really Strong Picnic Table for $100 (March 2013)

    This is a perfect project for spring. I think picnic tables are a pretty good seller no matter where you are. My biggest pet peeve regarding picnic tables is sitting down on a wobbly one. If I'm enjoying that fresh off the grill juicy hamburger I don't want to be jarred around when someone sits...
  2. Minature picnic table

    I first saw a similar design of these made from pressed cardboard from China. I thought that they where pretty cute. I started them this winter and finally finished them today. I used some scrap oak but had to buy the shakers and condiment holders. I hope to get a lot of use from them this...
  3. Party Picnic Table

    Summer is coming to Washington DC, which means frequent backyard BBQs are on the horizon. The house I rent in the city has a pretty sweet deck, and for awhile now I've been looking on Craigslist for furniture to fill it. After some unsuccessful attempts to score some free patio furniture, I...
  4. Kid sized picnic table made out of 8 - 2x4's

    I recently made another kid sized picnic table. It is 44" long, 41" wide, 24" tall, and the seats are at 13". I made it out of 8 - 2×4's. You can watch a video of the build here: You can download free plans here:
  5. Picnic Table for 2

    New gesign for a pincic table, I made it for 2, but if you make it a little wider, it could accomodate more. It has a foot rest and the entry if easier. I have a free plan available with a cut list, but it is in french. The plan can be loaded at ...
  6. Child size picnic table

    The Grand kids are coming in town to go camping with Grandma and Grandpa while their parents go on a anniversary trip for a week. I thought it would be nice for them to have their own table to enjoy their meals and activities on.
  7. Octagon Picnic Table

    I made this picnic table with plans I got from Woodcraft. To hide the fasteners I used a combination of the Kreg Pocket-hole jig and the Kreg Deck jig. I finished all the parts with outdoor stain before assembly and all parts that are withing 12" of the ground are pressure treated. I really...
  8. Picnic Table - Beast Mode

    After I built my grill cart for our deck, we decided that we wanted a matching cedar picnic table. I copied the look of a picnic table and bench from They have a lot of cool furniture there, but I did not want to fork over $3300 for the set I liked. Cedar was purchased at my...
  9. Picnic table/bench

    A friend of mine wanted me to make her one. It's a present from her husband for their anniversary. Made from cedar and finished with Thomsons Water Sealer. Now I'm getting a couple of orders to make more. Next spring I'll have to see if I can sell a few more.
  10. picnic table or bench

    A friend of mine asked me to build this picnic table that folds up into a bench. I found some plans that made it go fairly easily. I used construction grade 2×4's for it and some 1×6 pieces of cedar I had laying around for the armrests. For the pivot points I epoxied steel bushings into the...
  11. Children's Picnic Tables

    I've made at least a dozen of these picnic tables in the past, mainly for presents, they've always gone down well. They seat 4 young kids comfortably and are quite economical, these normally start life as around 8m of 90mm x 35mm pine. They are quite sturdy for their weight, I can stand and...
  12. Aromatic Cedar Table and Benches

    This is a custom made picnic table and bench set that I just finished up this morning. Hopefully it is just what they are expecting or better! 8' long 30" wide and 30" Tall Benches are 14"wide 18"tall and 8' long Finished with spar-urethane with UV protection to preserve the bright colors.
  13. Kid's Picnic Table

    I built this kids size picnic table and benches using plans from ana-white. I had to promise my wife this would be my first project if she let me buy a table saw. It ended up being a pretty good deal. It's made completely from 2"x4" lumber, used some dowels to attach the breadboard sides and...
  14. Kid Picnic Tables

    Built two picnic tables. One for my family and one for my old college roommate's. Pressure treated was fairly wet, so giving it a few weeks before sanding and finishing. It was a fun, quick weekend project and my first experience with pocket screws.
  15. Heavy Duty Picnic Table

    Hello fellow Lumberjocks - I want to share my first picnic table project. I completed this picnic table in a few days - working a few hours each day. I found a local lumber yard that sells premium treated lumber; the table top, legs, seats are made from 2×8, the rest is either 2×6 or 2×4 -...
  16. picnic table

    well i think its obvious that this is a picnic table, its solid antique heart pine, and believe me it takes 4 to five men to move this has to weight all of 300 pounds…needless to say if taken care of by future posterity, this table will be around for awhile…it is one of the nicest...
  17. Kid sized picnic table

    I made a picnic table for my 2 boys using 8 1/2 - 2×4's, a miter saw, a drill, and some deck screws. It is 24" tall, 40" wide, and 44" long. I built it in about 3 hours and then left it assembled for 2 weeks to let the wood dry. I sanded the whole thing with 60 grit sandpaper in a random...
  18. Cedar slab picnic table

    Harvested from blow down eastern white cedar. Milled 2" thick live edge slab. 48"x8"x8" beer trough with slap lid. 3 coats spar varnish finish. 8' table.
  19. 8-Foot Cedar Picnic Table

    Here's a eight-foot picnic table in western red cedar. I'm going to leave it unfinished. I used plans from Handyman USA with one change: The plans called for a 2×10 for each seat; I couldn't find that size board in cedar so I used two 2×6s. Which worried me that the crack would be directly over...
  20. Picnic Tables

    I think this may have been my first 'woodworking' project. We hosted a bridal shower for some close friends and I wanted to make sure we had a comfortable spot to hangout outside. I made these with some help from my father.
41-60 of 96 Results