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  1. Berry Picking Stick W/ Antler + Diamond Willow

    Well have you ever been out picking Saskatoons berries or the like , and found a cluster of berries up high on a branch just out of reach ? You could make yourself a hiking stick along these these lines , that has a built in hook. Just take that hook and reach up and hook that branch, and bring...
  2. Blogs
    The Board. A Tongue In Cheek Essay...... With Pictures Part l Recently, there was a bit of concern expressed regarding a board that was posted as a project. it got me to thinking (a rare occurrence) that some folks might not understand or appreciate the dedication, skill and work that is...
  3. Woodworking Skill Share
    ================================== 2-21-2012 UPDATE: This short Lumberjock's Forum Topic article was updated and expanded suitable for printing in the "The Maine Journal of Antiques & Collectibles". For a reprint of the better, and expanded article, contact: Bob Stover, Publisher The Maine...
1-3 of 3 Results