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  1. Paris Skyline Scrollsawed into 78rpm Record

    You will have to forgive me just a little as this isn't a "wood project" - but I DID use a woodworking tool to do it! :-) I was high-bidder on a few "miscellaneous" boxes at an auction today and in the bottom of one I found a stack of 78rpm records. They appeared brand new with no scratches...
  2. Vintage 1950's Tele-Tone Phonograph Restomod

    This project was more of a restoration upgrade than a scratch build. It started life as a beat-to-hell Tele-Tone tube phonograph, in really rough shape. The box and deck were covered in a horribly tattered canvas/tolex type material, and all of the metal parts were pretty beat up. I rebuilt the...
1-2 of 2 Results