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  1. Wood Goblet In Indian Teakwood

    I want to some different design of Wooden goblet. Just I was turning this design goblet. sleek look, proper shape & size Height 16 Cm, Diameter 7 CM, Designed By Bharat Variya
  2. "The Happy Couple" Scrollwork

    This was a commissioned project from a co-worker of mine. He wanted to surprise his girlfriend with a portrait of themselves and hired me to design the pattern and cut it on the scrollsaw. The most challenging part of the project was designing the pattern - that hold true for most of my works...
  3. Woodworking Skill Share
    I know we had our LJ time just now, but I was just told about this event and thought some folks might be interested. Lie Neilsen is holding a handtools event May 22nd in Phil's Furniture Institute of Massachusetts in Beverly, MA: Phil for those that have...
  4. Blogs
    LN HAND TOOL EVENT at Furniture Institute of Massachusetts Anyone planning on Attending as well? I'm going to be there tomorrow SAT at ~10am when the show starts. It's in Beverly MA starts 10am till 5pm, Free Admission and looks like a very good event. more about it can be found here...
1-4 of 4 Results