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  1. Log dog house

    Since we live in an old house that is partially log and have 2 log outbuildings, when we got a new puppy I decided to build him a log dog house using 4×4s.
  2. Greene and Greene Feeding Station

    I'm going to be posting some of my projects that I have finished prior to becoming a member of Lumberjocks. This is a Greene and Greene inspired feeding station that I have made my the family dog. She currently has the best looking dining table in the house as the humans in the house are still...
  3. pets memorial

    finally hung a memorial plaque i carved to place over the burial site of our dog and cat who passed away a few years back. We planted a rose over the site about a year ago and my wife wanted a plaque to be hung over the rose. Carved this out of tigerwood, something I'm not sure I want to do...
  4. Duck Float

    After receiving three ducklings from a friend, I wanted to have a safe haven for nesting. As I finished the project, we determined we had three drakes-so no nesting. Still a nice accent to the fish pond. The idea was taken from a internet item and built with cypress board culls from the local...
  5. Box for a bird buddy

    A few days ago we had to give peace to my daughter's pet bird. While we called him a parakeet he was actually an English Budgie. They look much the same except that EB's are slightly larger and the eyes are different. Gilligan was with us for nearly 11 years and I shared resposibility for him...
  6. Doggie Bed

    They needed a place to sleep, so an hour or so later, here it is.
  7. Dog Steps to bed

    My wife thought I was crazy, but now she is glad they have it.
  8. Urn Box for My Dog

    Another pet urn box, this time for one of our own. Curly maple, cherry, and pau ferro.
  9. Good-bye Little Bird

    Back in December my English budgie, Louie passed away. It was too short a life, even for a bird. As is the case when the ground is frozen, we are keeping her in the deep freeze until Spring comes. I made this box from some oak in my workshop. It looks big for a parakeet, but I had to figure in...
  10. Cat Throne

    My wife's precious feline baby now has a covered perch from which to survey the back yard from.
  11. Cross for a Friend's Special Kitty

    I made this cross for a friend who lost a special kitty. All the parts are cut from a single pressure treated fence board. The two main pieces of the cross are joined with a half-lap in in the middle.
  12. Custom Cat Door

    Pet doors are cool. They let your little friend go in and out at will - so you don't have to deal with them. The plastic cat/dog doors available never really appealed to me, but I liked the ability to give our cat freedom during the day and be able to lock up the door at night. So I set out to...
  13. You gotta start somewhere

    Well, I decided one day that my life wasn't busy enough, so I took a trip to home depot and bought some tools. Shortly there after, I realized it wasn't enough tools, so I bought some more, and then a few more after that. Somewhere along the process I decided I needed to actually use them. So I...
  14. Pet Urns

    I made the urns a few years ago and never got around to posting them. The first one was made for my aunt and uncle when their dog passed away. It is walnut with ash inlay. The second I made for my dog when she passed away, its quilted maple and walnut with birds eye maple on the top. The third I...
  15. Chaucer's Box

    [EDIT] my daughter has just posted a video tribute about Chaucer. It's available here: [Link to video] Chaucer (Woodworking Below) Chaucer was our pet cockatiel. My wife rescued him from a well meaning student who found him in a tree outside their house. (This is in northern New Jersey, so...
  16. Oak Pet Bed

    I had the arches leftover from making a dog box for an rv and hated to waste the oak. I set around looking then just started putting it together and viola here it is.
  17. Cedar Pet Urns

    An incredibly close friend of mine had to put down his male St. Bernard this past weekend. He also had a female St. Bernard but she passed suddenly about 3 years ago. The male had been on the downhill for about the last six months. I stopped by his house last week to see the dog and say my...
  18. New Dog Platform Bed

    I've been looking for a new furniture project for a few weeks, and always need stuff for the dogs, so when the newest issue of Workbench offered general plans for a platform bed, I figured that I could scale it down for my Black Labrador's 8th Birthday. I used particle board for the platform...
  19. Pet Shadow Box For Sis

    Hey Folks, After making the last shadow box I thought that my sister would love one for her dogs living and past, also she fosters dogs for the SPCA. So for Xmas, I came up with this a couple days ago. The carcass is made from oak and walnut the splines are ebony. The center pillar is...
  20. Pet Feeding Station

    Pet Feeding Station Made from Poplar wood and clear coated, no stain.
1-20 of 48 Results