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  1. Curved to Perfection

    This is a 3 drawer gentleman's chest of Peruvian walnut and cherry. The case is constructed with handcut dovetails. The drawers are coopered and feature drawer slips with sliding housed dovetails and through dovetails. Finish is BLO and a handrubbed Daly's Pro Fin.
  2. His and Hers Wedding Gifts

    I had some Peruvian Walnut and Maple laying around so i made these for my and my girlfriends friends. In the end i don't think i care much for the Walnut, it's just so dark you can barely see any of the grain. Anyways, hope you guys like it.
  3. Curio Cabinet for Christmas

    It's been a while since I've posted a project, huh? This is a Curio cabinet that I made my wife for Christmas. It's what she said what she wanted and gave my until the end of January to finish it. I was told this a week before Christmas when I asked her what she wanted. I beat the deadline by...
  4. Aquarium stand with Peruvian walnut

    I may have mentioned in the past that one of my other hobbies is fish keeping. Specifically, two species of African cichlids. I keep Cyphotilapia Gibberosa (Frontosa) from the Mpimbwe region of lake Tanganyika in a 180 gallon tank, and in this new 75 gallon tank I keep Tropheus Moorii red from...
  5. Foot Rest

    Here's my entry for the Wood Joinery Challenge. My wife asked for a foot rest to go under her desk, around the time the Summer Challenge was announced. I thought I could come up with a design that didn't need: glue, nails, screws or mechanical fasteners. It took a little more time, but was a...
  6. Wood & Lumber
    Hello All, I have a unique opportunity to import large slabs of exotic wood from Central America. Being that this is my first trip and hopefully first of many, I am trying to figure out the best return on investment from the species available to have the best possible start before I jump into...
  7. Wood & Lumber
    Any experience with this lumber? Was at the wholesaler yesterday and he mentioned that they have some rough 4/4 in stock right now. Looks like it could be fun, very lightweight- similar to mahogany, but very dark in color. Will plane a piece tonight or tomorrow to see what it does, I bought...
  8. Blogs
    Day 1 Only weeks after finishing Hope Chest #1 for my first daughter (, Flannery and I (#2) took a trip to Edensaw and picked out the wood for her chest. Originally, she thought she wanted a combo of peruvian walnut and white oak. As we walked through Edensaw, she...
1-8 of 8 Results