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  1. Persimmon mini voided hollow form

    This is a mini hollow form I just finished from a piece of Persimmon wood I got from a buddy at school.It is 1 1/2" tall by 3/4" wide, sanded to 400 grit, It has no finish. All Comments and questions welcome.
  2. Persimmon Bowl with Malachite Crack

    This came from a log that had been on the ground for some time. The outside inch or so was almost totally dry, and so it cracked in a somewhat different way than bowls normally do. I filled it with malachite to attempt a save.
  3. Pens for Relay For Life

    I made these pens last night for a local Relay For Life. They will be auctioned to help support the local chapter. We have a oak key chain on top. A maple pen on left with purple bands. Then we have 2 sapele pens and one spalted persimmon pen.I hope you enjoy.
  4. wall-mounted iPhone charger

    iPhone charging cables are frustratingly short, so I made an iPhone charger / holder to go on the wall. I used a small block of persimmon cut from a large slab I had on hand for the "holder" and a piece of walnut for the mounting plate. I used a mounting plate so I wouldn't have visible...
  5. Bowl and pens for benefit

    We are having a benefit today for a child that has to have brain surgery. I made these pieces for the auction later tonight. The bowl is spalted sweet gum with a weathered look on the wood. Two of the pens are sapele and the other is spalted persimmon.
  6. Wormy Persimmon and Mahogany Cabinet.

    Media cabinet made of wormy Persimmon and Mahogany. Quartersawn Mahogany top, door panels are aged copper veneer. Recessed Xenon puck lights with concealed switch.
  7. A couple mallet's

    I wanted to do these for a while, finally got them finished up. 3 are from ShopNotes #2, Joiners Mallet. Each end is filled with lead split shot weights. The heads are Ipe, Bubigna and Bloodwood. I also had a piece of persimmon and made one from it. All the handles are made of hickory. I'll...
  8. Persimmon Bowl

    11.25"x4.5" Persimmon
  9. Persimmon Natural Edge

    A natural edge persimmon bowl.
  10. Easter Plaque

    I saw this slab of persimmon right before Easter. The bark and cathedral pattern combination reminded me of the empty tomb, so this project was born. It took a lot of flattening as the wood was really cupped. Laser engraved message. The bark still had some moss which made a really cool...
  11. Two Lidded Persimmon Pots

    I am most pleased with these two little pots. They are made of very dense Persimmon, a relative of the Ebony family, and burnished up off the tool, then polished like glass. They are 3" high x 3-1/2" d. and 2-3/4" high x 3" d. I added a chatter-work medallion made out of walnut-stained maple on...
  12. 2019 Mallet Swap Entry

    The 2019 Mallet Swap was my first swap and I highly recommend it to those who haven't tried it out yet. As I told my recipient Hairy, I probably would not have joined if I hadn't decided about a week prior that I really needed to make myself a new mallet. When I visited my local crack dealer, I...
  13. Tabletop Dice Trays

    The stay-at-home season allowed me to delve into Dungeons & Dragons for the first time. As a gift to my party, I made a set of matching persimmon dice trays. They were such a big hit, I made some more from stock i had on hand and sold them. Cherry, Walnut & QS Oak, Osage, QS Oak, Walnut & Zebra...
  14. Simon

    This hollow form measures 6.5 inches tall by 5 inches wide. It was turned from a branch given to me by a friend. I believe the wood is persimmon. I like the way the sap wood wraps around like a security blanket. It is finished with wipe-on poly. All comments and critiques are welcomed and...
  15. Got Band-Aids? Porcupine Wood ‘N Pencil Holders

    The variety of color, texture, smell and figure in wood never ceases to amaze me. Many woods are so beautiful I can just stare at the grain for hours. Some I love to sand just to have a pleasant scent wafting through the air. And other woods beckon to be touched and worked. I wanted a sort of...
  16. Boxguy's Zebra Found Atop Persimmon

    Thanks, to all who take time to look at projects. I always enjoy reading and replying to questions and comments from you out there in Lumberland. I will respond to all who "have your say" in the next 24 hours. So check back for feedback. Pictured: a cloth-lined jewelry keeper (9 X 6 X...
  17. Magnetic Catch Salt Cellars

    These are among my favorite boxes to use because of the top on the brass pin pivot and the magnetic catch. These were my first two attempts and I ran into some problems with both of them. The first is from Sycamore, which I love; but I once again had the problem of measuring once instead of...
  18. personalised photo frame

    This as a commissioned personalised photo frame. Rather simple, well not too complicated let's say. Oak wood as a body, veneered with a nice yellow, rippled, shiny god knows what veneer, maple for the ribbon and walnut for the initials, oil gilding on the inner edge. Back panel made on a...
  19. Thin Persimmon Bowl

    Venturing into thinner territory. Found a live larvae while turning this, filled the holes with malachite and continued. 10.25"x3.25" and 1/4 thick. Weighs 15 ounces.
  20. Turkey call

    Made this box call for my Dad for Christmas, bottom is Cyprus, one side is black walnut while the other is cedar, one paddle is spalted hard maple, the other is American chestnut. Surprisingly the American chestnut is the best sounding on the cedar side, at least to my ears we shall see what...
1-20 of 42 Results