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  1. Napkin Holder

    This is a little project that was to take a couple of hours to do and turned out to be several. The scroll saw work was a lot more time consuming than I thought but the project needed more of a flair so the design cut into the napkin holder. The wood is black walnut. A dado and a rabbit cut were...
  2. Idea From the Past....

    I won last month's bring back at my woodturning club, which means I have to provide the bring back this month. I pretty much turn pens or pen related items but wanted something a little different this time. I recalled seeing plans for a Salt & Pepper set in one of my old Deltagrams. So here is...
  3. Pepper Mills!!! I'm outta control..somebody stop me...

    Christmas is on the way - yeah I know its 4 months away, but you know how things creep up on ya… I am postng a few of the mills recently completed which will be for the coming season, I do not sell much but need to be able to respond to requests for gifts from LOML and family, as well as...
  4. Cherry Peppermill

    First peppermill I've ever made. I think she turned out to be a beaut. Gave it to my mom who loves it! (scoring big browny points is good with the mumma) As the title indicates its made out of cherry. I used america's oldest peppermill mechanism,8". finished by sanding to 600 then 3 coats tried...
  5. Chang and Eng

    A pair of salt/pepper crush grinders. Laminated turning blank of walnut, maple, oak and cherry. Identifying "dots" are African Blackwood for pepper and a piece of deer antler for salt. About 11" tall. Rattle can lacquer finish. Crushgrind kits from Woodcraft.
  6. Salt and Pepper Mills

    These are my first sets of my Salt and Pepper Mills I have made. I very first set was terrible so I am going to pass on posting those. Both sets are 8 inches, and finished with friction finish. The dark set is Walnut and the Light Set is Ash. I enjoyed making them but learned that they have...
  7. Salt & Pepper Grinders

    This salt & pepper set was turned using the directions in Woodsmith Magazine No. 234 from December 2017. The salt grinder is maple and the pepper grinder is cherry. The base is also cherry.
  8. Walnut salt and pepper grinder

    Glued together 4 scrap pieces of walnut to turn this salt shaker and pepper grinder. Used grinder mechanism from Woodriver, but don't like it very much. I'll use CrushGrind mechanism when I make another one.
  9. turned salt and pepper shaker aet

    turned these s & p shakers from cherry, walnut, and baltic birch plywood. finished with gloss wipe on minwax poly. 3 coats. several ljs helped me with drilling holes in the maple and walnut top inserts the inserts identify salt and pepper
  10. Pepper Grinder from Monkey Pod

    Pepper grinder made from Monkey Pod wood. Made this for my wife for Mother's Day to replace a pepper grinder I made for her a few years ago. That first grinder I made with a poor quality mechanism like this one...
  11. Napkin/Salt n Pepper/Toothpic Holder

    Oak that was toasted with a bernzamatic a little, and a turned toothpic holder
  12. Celtic Knot Salt and Pepper Shakers

    About twelve years ago my daughter lived with and served developmentally disabled adults for eighteen months in a L'Arche community in Ireland. She still serves with the same passion here stateside. It was there that she fell in love with the Irish culture and I made her Christmas gift with that...
  13. Christmas Grinders

    Christmas presents: Four sets of salt & pepper grinders. One set is cherry and ash, and the other three sets are walnut and maple. These are fun to make and the hardware kits are readily available at Woodcraft.
  14. Salt and Pepper Grinders

    Turned some salt and pepper grinders. The salt grinder is highly figured maple and the pepper grinder is black and white ebony.
  15. Salt and Pepper Bub-thing-ga

    Realized I never posted this little item to my portfolio. A salt and pepper thing from bubinga (a Bub-thing-ga!) It's been in service for years now, and I'm realizing I never put any finish on it. I might empty it out, clean it up, and dump it in some mineral oil just to make things official...
  16. Mahogany and Maple Salt and Pepper Grinders

    These are Mahogany and Maple 6 inch Salt and Pepper Grinders. I wanted to try to make my own blanks for the grinders so this is what I ended up with. I think they came out very well. In fact the best ones I have made yet! I am looking forward to building some more of my own blanks! I finished...
  17. First Bowl in over 30 years.

    I bought this bowl blank at Woodcraft. It's Honduras Rosewood. When i bought it I didn't know how hard the wood is, I learned though. It's interesting what you can find inside a piece of wood. I found 2 knot holes, since I finished turning they have decided to crack. I just put a couple of coats...
  18. Misc Salt and Pepper Grinders

    These are some of my lasted Grinders! The First Set I built the checkered blanks. The wood is Tornillo and Hard Maple. The Rest of the Sets are made from Walnut and Ash. All comments welcomed. Thanks for stopping by and looking!
  19. Pepper and Salt Mills

    Turned these for a Christmas present.Made from glued up Cherry and Walnut.Finish is from Doctors Woodshop using a friction polish.I also purchased some Maxi Colt Forstner products for this project.Thanks for looking.
  20. mini peppermill

    turned this mill from a piece of ambrosia maple i've had for quite awhile. the guts came from psi. i did modify their plans a bit. they called for 1 1/2 forstner bit, but i found that a 1 7/16 bits works better. these come with either a black handle or chrome, so you could make a matching...
1-20 of 50 Results