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  1. Peppermill from Zebrawood

    Turned this up out of a zebrawood blank. Kit comes from Rockler but you can get grinders just about anywhere.
  2. Pepper Grinder from Monkey Pod

    Pepper grinder made from Monkey Pod wood. Made this for my wife for Mother's Day to replace a pepper grinder I made for her a few years ago. That first grinder I made with a poor quality mechanism like this one...
  3. Rat Thumper

    It's been forever since I've posted anything so here is a little something a whipped up for my wife. No, it's not really for thumping rats (though it would probably work for that). It's a pepper grinder. Hold it in the middle, twist the top, and out comes fresh ground pepper as course or fine...
  4. salt and pepper grinders

    well here is this years christmas gift for the ladies at our office,every year i do something different,i just hate giving a gift card,so impersonable and says i really dont want to waste my time.i did 8 sets of grinders with a base.kits were from penn state.there one handed grinders that you...
  5. Pepper Grinder

    Tall pepper grinder 600 mm (24 in ) high turned from Miro. Ideal for use at barbeques, can also be used for grinding salt. Comments welcome.r
  6. Some Turned Grinders

    I've turned a few sets of grinders using this kit from PSI in the last few years but haven't ever posted any of them as a project. But they are always well-received as gifts so I thought I'd post them here all together just in case it gives any turners ideas :-) The first two pictures are a...
  7. Pepper mill

    Walnut pepper mill with mahogany diamond pattern. I can't wait to see what it'll look like when the mahogany reddens.
  8. Walnut Pepper Mill

    Here's a pepper mill that I turned at a recent class at Lee Valley that was taught by Stephen Zwerling. Stephen is a local professional turner. The mill is about 8" tall and finished with Shellawax. I believe what I like best about these classes is that they make you take the time to do...
  9. Salt & Pepper Grinders

    I have been experimenting with different glue-ups to vary the patterns for this year's Christmas presents - only trouble is that my bride wants to keep them all…I've got a decent technique figured out for making them, just need more time!

    I can never pass up a good deal, so I couldn't resist these electric grinders at 70% off or $6. Canadian with the idea to use the parts to make a wooden grinder. They came in 3 colors red blue and orange plastic. Not that attractive to a wood worker. My idea was to lathe bore a piece of wood out...
  11. Salt & Pepper Mill

    The Pepper Mill is made from walnut. The salt mill came from a wild cherry I felled about three years ago.
  12. First Peppermill

    I liked the idea of making a salt/pepper set, so before I used my good wood I grabbed this piece of ash from the firewood pile. There are definitely things that need improvement but I think it turned out pretty well for a first go. gmertl's videos on youtube helped immensely in this process...
  13. Mr P. Electric found a mate, now there is Mrs S. Electric, and guess what, they now have TWINS. see

    This is a completion of the the plastic electric pepper grinder That I converted over to a wood. I was planning to get entirely different kind of hardwood, but when I thought it over I decided to make the salt grinder out of the same kind of wood (myrtle)...
  14. First attempt at a Pepper Mill

    A 10" mill in walnut, with holly strips inlaid in the blank before turning. How'd I do?
  15. Woodturning
    I wanted to post this video on a pump style pepper mill. I used a laminate wood which makes a pretty neat design. Let me know what you think.
  16. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    I got an email that a new WC store will be opening in about a month in Chattanooga, TN. The fellow who will be the manager is a top-notch guy and great wood turner. Looking forward to spending some $$$ there.
1-16 of 16 Results