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  1. Bullet Pens

    I made several bullet pens over the past week for a friend. These were all basically sold as they were made or before they were made. These are all once fired shell casings with acrylic ends. The grids in the photo are 1/2" Brass/Bullet Sizes 50 caliber - 1 (the big one) .223 - 2 (smaller pens...
  2. More Pens for the Fair

    Since I sold a few of the mini pens at the first two fairs I decided to replace the stock. The first pic shows the mini twist type the other 2 are of the mini keychain kit that has a screw on cap. These are new to me, just got them last week. I really like that they turn and assemble very...
  3. Shock Absorber Pen

    No real story here, other that I have noticed some LJ's starting to learn the joys of turning pens. I have also had a few questions on these in the past, so thought I would post a couple. These are great for the car folks and most folks know somebody that is a car nut. There fore there is a...
  4. Pens Pens

    Thnx for lookin. I've been out in right field here lately. Anyway, didn't want ya'll ta think I was livin in my hammock.. I really like the way the Breast Cancer pens came out. The second pic is pens I did for my sister. Good/bad/ugly comments are welcome. Hope everyone had a gr8 Thanksgiving...
  5. USMC Pen and Display

    I caste this blank from alumiltie. I needed something to display it with so came up with this little flag display. Seems to work… I caste custom blanks if anyone is interested.
  6. Bolt action pens

    Some bolt action pens I recently finished! Left to right woods are. Black ash burl, camphor burl, Alaskan yellow cedar burl, Premium blue curly maple stabilized, Curly maple, Azfelia burl and Finally Masur birch! Some gorgeous wood the camphor has a very pleasant Sweet scent to it!
  7. Order Up!

    Been busy the past two weeks after our only Spring Craft Show. One of our regular customers asked if I could make a selection of Inertia Pens and Key Chain Screw drivers for them to use as gifts during the holidays. The Inertia Pens were recently put on Clearance at Woodcraft so I ran over to...
  8. Not what I was supposed to be doing.

    Ok, so I have another 2 or three Christmas Gifts to finish for those we will see later this month. Don't have all of the bits I need for the project, so decided to clean up a bit in the shop yesterday. Found several pen blanks I made back in November, whit cleaning the shop and generated more...
  9. Just Flick It!!

    I have a customer that just loves these pens and has ordered a number of them in the past to give as gifts. When they were discounted I did not think I would get any more. But WC had them in their Clearance section online and I called the local store to see if they could order. The kit is...
  10. Keepsake Pens

    These pens are keepsakes, going to family members. The resin (Alumilite) has stabilized (Cactus Juice) pine cones cast into it. My wife's parents chose a gravesite that has a large pine tree adjacent to it. The last time we visited their graves, they were covered with pine cones. My wife picked...
  11. Father's Day Presents

    My son made a walnut pen and my daughter made a maple pen for their paternal grandfather. The kids were great students. I had heard that pens are a great way to learn on the lathe and it worked for us. I'm still learning myself. My mother asked if I could repair the handle to a screwdriver...
  12. Daughter's Christmas Gifts

    My daughter Sophia has once again turned to the Lathe to this year to make some gifts for her friends and a teacher. We are already planning on starting on her end of the year gifts for the rest of her teachers as she will be moving to a new school next year she owes a few people some of her...
  13. Spalted Yellow Pashaco

    My newest work Spalted Yellow Pashaco vessel with an Elm Burl base. 3"x4" Thanks to Belinda Peck for this amazing wood.
  14. 7th grade pens

    Wow its been 8 years… My daughter still wanted to do pens for her teachers this year as she has each year since Kindergarten. We procrastinated a bit but she tackled them starting on Saturday and finished the last of the 17 tonight before bed. She will be writing out the cards that go with...
  15. freckly cupboard

    plate squares are made of purpleheart and maple legs of eucalyptus body and doors are American walnut hinges are yellowheart freckles: Pink Ivory eyes: soft maple populard. One of them was a knot pupil: backeye burl
  16. First Wooden Ring

    I saw a few of the rings that Franklad made and was blown away. I didn't think that you could make a ring out of wood that would stand up to any abuse at all. Of course my ring is a little thick but at this thickness it is very strong. I glued it up with tightbond 3 and finished it with general...
  17. Pens

    As I posted in my blog a few weeks ago, I finally made a pen on my own lathe with out additional assistance. Loved it even more then the others I have made in the past. The first pen was made out of a holly blank I had bought. The other two were made out of blanks of Ficus that I cut myself. You...
  18. A wayyy better pen

    Ok so after the first 2 pens I did as tests to just sort of get a feel I put a more serious effort into making this paduak pen. Looks like it turned out good to me! Please give me your feed back as I'm still a beginner! Finish is 3 coats of varathane sanded inbetween each coat.
  19. Turnings - Christmas 2010

    First attempt at turning Christmas presents! I have a lot to learn, but it sure was fun :)
  20. Cedar Coasters

    I made these cedar coaster out of some wood in the scrap pile.
61-80 of 266 Results