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  1. Focus on the Workspace
    I've finally tried out Sketchup. My results aren't great, but I managed to measure out and draw our garage, aka my workshop. With the new shed complete, I'm going to be able to move much of the seasonal stuff out to the shed, giving me more room in the garage. Behind where the figure is...
  2. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    OK everyone. The answer is… is a peg that has a stainless steel pin in the bottom that fits in holes in the bottom of a drawer to hold dishes in place. It seems that more and more older people do not want to lift plates into an upper cabinet. I made 16 of these to go into 2 deep...
  3. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    Take a look here for Puzzle and penmakers raffling items to benefit Eagle's widow, Lynn → Cool stuff I hope you'll enjoy looking at the work you see over there, even if you don't participate. Some phenomenal talent. Probably some of us Jocks' are there too. ;-) Gary
  4. Woodturning
    Just a shot in the dark but I am getting into pen turning strictly as a hobby and was wondering if any of you guys have any pen turning supply's lying around that you might part with on the cheap. Anything from bushings brass tubes, barrel trimmers, mixed and matched pen parts would be...
  5. Woodturning
    Hello fellow wood turners, I just started turning a few weeks ago and started with turning cigar pens. The issue that I have right now is that once I am done turning the pen I always seem to leave scratch marks on the finished product (after I use sand paper). I start with 150 grit and work my...
  6. Marketplace Classifieds
    Have the following 1950's woodworking tools for sale in Toledo, Ohio: Magna 4 inch Jointer Model 620-C DeWalt Radial Arm Saw MBC 27 Craftsman Jointer 103.23900 w/3 knives, no motor Craftsman Planer 306.233751 w/manual Craftsman Table Saw 103.22160 w/motor and manuals SawSmith model 700000 w/manuals
261-266 of 266 Results