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  1. leaf theme

    Here is my new project. This is a pendant in apple 2,4×2,2 inches inlaid with amethyst, citrine, silver, stone enamel. It took me all day long to make this pendant.
  2. Wood fish hook

    Material: Tigerwood Fish hook - Hei Matau : Represents strength and determination and brings peace, prosperity and good health. Also provides safe journey over water. Finish - waxed with combination of carnauba and beeswax Iize: 1,69 inch or 43 mm long
  3. Hickory Disc Pendant

    TRUTH ALERT: I saw this on Pinterest and thought it would be a fairly easy one to pull off. After cutting the initial shape, I used my belt sander upside down to round the outside edge. It was not as easy as I thought because as I rotated toward the center, knuckles hit sanding belt and skin...
  4. Some wooden jewelry I finished

    These are photos of some jewelry I finished for my wife for Christmas. I'd like to take the credit for the glue up but I can't. I was poking around my local Woodcraft money pit and came across this design in a pen plank. With limited time before Christmas I decided to resaw the blank and cut...
  5. Faceted wood pendant

    Faceted wood necklace Material: Black hornbeam wood Size: 1,61 inch or 41 mm long Leather cord
  6. Wood fish hook necklace

    Maori wood necklace Material: Zebrano wood Fish hook - Hei Matau : Represents strength and determination and brings peace, prosperity and good health. Also provides safe journey over water. Size: 1,88 inch or 48 mm long
  7. Wooden Neclace Pendants and Beads

    I started making a few wood pendants and beads, used on on leather, hemp or metal necklaces, bracelets, hair clips(girl stuff. I've even seen a few girls who I gave wood rings to use them in their hair as a tie of to cover a tie. Whatever they want lol….gotta keep the ladies happy). Using a...
  8. Halloween Jewelry

    I wanted to make some Halloween necklaces this year. It is Red Ribbon Week at school (celebrating drug free) and there are lots of activities and dress up days. I don't do most of the dress up days but I thought I could show a little school spirit and wear some holiday jewelry. The pumpkins are...
  9. Recent Orders and Experiments

    This is new and fun for me. I can not stand to throw away cool knots and weak burly pieces. So I now save them up for the slow times and experiment with adding new mediums. Wooden jewelry is IN. The first pic is of my standard keychains in Alexandrian Laurel, Bloodwood, Lauro Preto and Cuban...
  10. Chinese Necklace Knot w/pendant

    Wife made a Braided Chinese Necklace Knot for one of my pendants. I like it. Too bad it takes a long time to make the 'chain.' Doesn't seem feasble to make money off of with the time to make ratio. But makes great gifts. Maple, Walnut and Paduak were used on the pendant.
  11. Pierced Fretwork Pendants

    I recently made a trade of my work for a Hegner scroll saw, which I feel should properly be called an electric fretsaw. It is to my Tradesman scroll saw as Rolls Royces are to Yugos. I have only begun to experiment with its capabilities and possibilities. These pendants are about 3/8" thick...
  12. Square Heart Pendant

    I've been playing with a few small carvings recently, this one is in Kauri which I was lucky enough to bring back from New Zealand a few years ago.
  13. Heart Pendant in Boxwood

    This little piece is in Box with a lovely dark streak running down to the tip.
  14. Some Offset Pendants

    Here are some of the pendants I have started making over the last few days. Pic # 1 - a few of them Pic # 2 - Book matched Hard Maple. The glue line is about 45deg Pic # 3 - Cats eye Solid Surface reclaimed scraps. This was the first one I made and gave to my wife. P-c # 4 - Ruby Solid...
  15. Wood infinity pendant

    Infinity wood necklace Material: Stabilized Karelian birch wood Size: 1,92 inch or 49 mm long
  16. Veneer Pendant Lamp

    After watching a youtube video on making a paper lantern for a pendant light, I wanted to try something like it with wood veneer. It turns out to be harder than it looked to get the spacing right. On my first attempt, the spiraled strips were too crowded. On my second attempt, the spacing was...
  17. Swamp kauri hei toki

    Finished with beeswax and boiled linseed. These days, toki are primarily worn for ornamental purposes. Traditionally, they were (and still are) made of pounamu (NZ greenstone) to represent the adze. Maori traditionally used pounamu to make a number of tools.
  18. More Veneer Pendant Lamps

    Shortly after completing the spiral pendant lamp, I started on a set of 3 companion pendants for the upstairs hall of the entryway. The structure is similar to the interior part of the spiral lamp. Each bottom plate (which is removable) has a unique design. I've got the lamps installed, and...
  19. Ukrainian Trident pendant

    My niece is Ukrainian, and for her birthday I made her this pendant necklace with the Ukrainian coat of arms trident. It's dyed-blue maple burl with yellowheart inlay. All CNC work, of course.
  20. Skateboard and New Zealand rimu pendant with black tourmaline three-dot inlay

    Finally started using some of the small bits that gets put aside from other projects.
21-40 of 122 Results