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  1. From hummingbirds to dragons

    Went on a pendant making tangent this time. :) The hummingbird is an original design made from 1/4 in. thick spalted maple, and the dragon is black walnut on birch 1/8 in. ply. The dragon is a Steve Good pattern shrunk down to 70% original size with an added backer.
  2. "Hot" Salsa/Dip and Chip Tray and Pistachio Pendant

    A couple more projects got finished today. The first one is an Ambrosia Maple serving tray for chips and dip that has been fractal burned on the inside. I made the mistake of trying to sand it on the lathe with all the black ash in there and it got into the fibers of the wood . So I took a skin...
  3. Texas Pendants - Gorilla Glue finish

    Mesquite, 1/8" thick, 1" tall by 1" wide. Gorilla polyurethane glue finish buffed with steel wool. Made my daughter a Texas necklace pendant a couple years ago which she wore a lot but unfortunately lost. Preparing for a vacation she asked for a replacement so she could show her state loyalty...
  4. First Turned Pendants - Bocote & Purpleheart

    Got my pendant chuck last week and I am so excited by the possibilities…I have already sketched out tons of ideas on paper. These are the first few. Details #1 Size: 1.5" dia x 1/4" thick Wood: Purpleheart w/aluminum and coffee grounds Details #2 Size: 1 5/8" dia. x 3/8" thick Wood: Bocote...
  5. gecko

    This is my new project - a gecko pendant. It took me a couple of days to make the pendant but of course I didn`t work too hard. The gecko made of apple inlaid with bronze. Also I used garnets and chrysolites. It`s about 4 inches from the nose to the end of the tail.
  6. walnut pendant

    Sorry for my English,my understanding is much better as my speaking. This is my latest work step by step. I had a customer`s order who wanted a walnut inlaid pendant with real nut.Why not,I haven`t ever make something of a kind. So I saw out the leaves and inlay the streaks.Then I use stone...
  7. The pendant with usb flash drive inside

    This pendant made of larch inlaid with bronze, stone enamel and river mother of pearl mosaic. This is quite popular object among my customers. I make the pendant with 1 or 2 or 4 Gb usb flash drive.
  8. Pendant for wife, it was WHITE DAY yesterday!

    White Day is a day celebrated in Japan on March 14, one month after Valentine's Day. In Japan, Valentine's Day is observed by females who present chocolate gifts (either store-bought or handmade), usually to a male, as an expression of love, courtesy or social obligation. On White Day, the...
  9. Spalted Maple Pendants

    These are a handful of spalted maple pendants that I have made as christmas gifts. They are all roughly 2"-2.5" and shaped on my belt sander then hand sanded smooth (the wife helped with that part). The finish is 3 coats of lacquer then a coat of wax. the bails I picked up at a local craft shop...
  10. First Ever Inlay - Wooden Dog Pendants with Gorilla Glue

    I had no idea what I wanted to do for this challenge when I first heard about it. I just knew that I wanted to start participating more in the community so I'd feel more connected and less like a young person cut off from all the usual wild young person activities. I'm pretty new in general to...
  11. Wooden Pendants

    Decided to turn another batch of pendants using the jig I bouight from Ruth Niles ( ). After making a couple of varying sizes, I decided to standardize and create a mounting block that takes a disk that is 2" in diameter. I'm still playing...
  12. Original project idea: Hidden treasure wood pendant and earrings

    I have come across a challenge from a lady in work that I have to turn a branch of tree god knows where she pick it up into something that is appealing and interesting. So, I pinched my daughter's nail polish and after an hour of search in Google for different nail beauty tips. I found this one...
  13. Earrings & Pendants

    As summer vacation is coming to an end I have been spending some of my free time putting the finishing touches on some jewelry pieces. School starts on Tuesday, so much of my free time will be eaten up by school projects instead of my own. Thanks for looking, Your comments are always welcome.
  14. The Year of the Dragon Pendant

    This month is not only the time of the Chinese New Year, it's also time for Valentine's Day. My wife has always wanted a pendant that has the Zodiac sign of the year of her birth but the pendants that she found were too "Mystic" or "Fantasy" looking. You know, that "Dungeons & Dragons" look...
  15. Tiny Box and Earrings - Olive Wood

    There's not a long story to this one. I wanted to make something unique for my wife, so I decided to produce a tiny heart shaped box pendant with a matching pair of earrings. The second photograph shows a side view of the box, partially opened, and yes there's message inscribed within. The set...
  16. Wood twist pendant

    Material: Stabilized bubinga wood Size: 1,77 inch or 45 mm long
  17. Pretty Little Pendant

    This is a nice pendant I made for my daughter. My first project with a spiral blade.
  18. A butterfly

    One more flying creature from me. The pendant in beech inlaid with brass, mother of pearl mosaic, stone enamel with malachite. It`s about 2,3 inches at length.
  19. Hangin' Gecko

    Here's a new pendant of mine. I can't, for the life of me, remember where I found this pattern. It was meant to be cut and framed, but I adapted it for making a pendant.
  20. Wenge / Resin Wood Necklace Pendants

    A set of wenge and resin necklaces for my wife's boutique clothing store. Cast as a single block and this time using a pressure pot to make the casting as clear as possible to really show off the wenge colors. I split the block with bandsaw and sliced them into individual sizes. Then I used a...
1-20 of 122 Results