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  1. Pen and Pencil Holder

    I just turned my first useful piece today! It's a pen/pencil holder. I had this branch of what I believe is Live Oak laying around for a while so I decided to break out our lathe and try it out. It turned out pretty well I think. It has some really cool looking spalting lines in it and neat...
  2. Color Pencils Wooden Toy Truck

    Color Pencils Wooden Toy Truck A very simple and quick to make toy truck made from 2X2 pine and pallet wood to decorate my grandson's desk. Made a removable platform with holes to hold the pencils, and also the truck wheels. Stelios AKA Steliart
  3. Just another pencil box

    Inspired by mafe's pencil box which was in turn inspired by vipond33 I decided to try my own hand at a pencil box. It turned out larger than I had originally planned, so it will now be used to hold my rulers. The inside is lined with felt and I added a second round of pencil segments...
  4. Pens, Pencils, this-n-that

    A mix of turnings with woods, and acrylics, from the acrylic tree. :) Pen & Pencil sets, Stylus pens, key chains, single & double seam rippers, pickup tools. More stuff for my sister. Good, bad, and/or ugly comments appreciated. Thnx fer peekin at em.
  5. pens and pencils

    i have been turning pens for the local farmers market, here are a few i just finished.
  6. Some Grab Bag Gifts

    I recently was asked to make some grab bag gifts for a friends son's little league team's uniform raffle….I had quite a bit of small pieces around the shop and some assorted tops, tubes, pencil and pen parts. These are just a quick sample of what each bag contained. These were made out of...
  7. Noooo!! No More Pens!

    I know, there are too many pen posts on here already… But these are some of my first ones, made as a bunch of Christmas gifts for last Christmas. I did somewhere in the neighborhood of 25 pens and pencils. Lots of different woods, burls, tried some Celtic Knots, one with crazy scallops - took...
  8. Marketplace Classifieds
    Greetings fellow Woodworkers: I'm looking only for the material list and cut diagram section of the wood magazine's double duty changing table/dresser. I'm expecting my second child and need to purchase the lumber, but my plans are back home 3 hours away. I want to surprise the family with a...
  9. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    ON one of the most recent conversations here regarding units of measure that could, should,and can be used to construct things from wood, I would like to point out that regardless of what measure you use your no better than the mark you make transferring information from your rulers to your...
  10. Blogs
    2B or not 2B Remember you're grade school teachers saying you'd get lead poisoning if you didn't keep your pencil out of your mouth? Well, they lied. In 1564 an enormous deposit of graphite was discovered in Borrowdale, England and pencils have been made from this non-toxic material ever...
1-10 of 10 Results