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  1. Watch pen

    This is a pen I made for my wife for her birthday. Originally it was going to be a 'steam punk' pen, but there were to many little details in my design that I could not work out in time. Once I got the old pocket watch dissassembled, the back plate was too cool to ignore. So I filed it down...
  2. Some manhattan style pens

    Finished up some pens in the shop tonight. Can't believe how quick I got these done! I really like the Manhattan style pen. It has a nice weight to it. The first pen is maple, the second is curly maple, the third is spalted maple, not sure what wood the fourth and fifth pen are made of, that...
  3. .30 cal bullet pens

    Couple .30 cal bullet cartridge pens made with ebony and maple.
  4. Pens

    A buddie gave me a piece of Amboyna Burl, apparently the same stuff they make Rolls Royce trim out of. So I thought I should practice on a couple before I ruin the good stuff. Here's my first pens…ever. The burl is the one on the left. I used CY glue for the finish and wax on top. Only one...

    I turned it on the 4 July Salted Tamarind
  6. Fountain Pen

    I realize it's not wood, but it's pretty…
  7. Blackwood Slimline Pen

    I liked the look of the last African Blackwood pen I made so much I just had to make another. This time I paired it with a gunmetal slimline hardware kit. The hardest part about making this was probably photographing it, the gunmetal kept wanting to look gold. Aside from that, I've been working...
  8. Celtic Knot Pen

    My first attempt at a Celtic Knot, the knot came out great but a little fit issue on the pen. the pen is in Bloodwood with a Maple knot. Overall, I was pleased with the look.
  9. Revolver pen

    Sorry I have not been on in a long time. Just trying to make ends meet. This pen is from PSI. When you push the click mechanism the center barrel spins. I am not sure of the wood. Rick Kruse
  10. Freedom Pens

    Another batch of Freedom Pens for the men and women in uniform serving our country overseas. These are a mix of Birch, Cherry, Maple, and Oak … the pen blanks come from off-falls I get by the bundle at a local cabinet shop. For more info on the Freedom Pens project, and to get involved, see...
  11. Retirement Shadow Box

    Oak shadow box for my "I Love Me" wall.
  12. Espresso Pen

    This was an interesting project. I've worked with these coffee bean blanks before and they can be challening. The beans are so brittle that if you aren't careful they with chip and break out of the resin leaving gouges. You need to take a very careful and gentle cut on the chisel. I basically...
  13. Octagon pencil / pen holder & paper clip dispenser

    They were cut-offs from a Hexagon soap pump dispenser project. All walnut, sprayed with a coat of lacquer.
  14. Bandsaw Pen Box

    I recently joined LumberJocks and so this is my first official posted project. It's a bandsaw pen box made out of red oak. I found the pattern here on LumberJocks. I'm using this to store one of my hand turned wooden pens. I've been pen turning for years, but branching out to other projects...
  15. The No Lathe Pen Challenge

    I made a live edge pen for The No Lathe Pen Challenge being run on YouTube, It is made from an as branch I cut from a tree that is destined to be hit my the tractor and hedge cutter as it is on a farm lane way. It was a really simple thing to make and it was fun!check out the video!
  16. Pens

    Just thought that I would share a couple of pens that I made a few years ago. The fist is a double click pen made with tulip wood, and the other is a sierra twist pen combination with rosewood and white pine and a chrome inlay.
  17. A different cigar

    Tried a couple of different things here. I made a new sled with a steep angle: 70 degrees and tried it out on a Cigar kit. The rings being much longer, I decided to try my hand at a closed-end pen. Hence this Cigar:
  18. Birthday gift

    This is a pen and case that my father in law made for his wife's birthday. The pen kit is a Cambridge hybrid titanium gold accents with sterling silver fountain pen, from beartooth woods. The pen blank is truestone. And the pen case is indian rosewood with turquoise inlay. Great job Dad.
  19. First bowl and pen turning with the family

    This is my first bowl. It is made from mulberry. It's small and was a great learning lesson. The mulberry was a challenge as it was on it's way out, some spalted and some going soft. I may put a finish on it before I call it completely done. The pen, leaning against it, is made of cherry...
41-60 of 500 Results