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  1. Retirement Gifts

    After 30 years my wife Laura is retiring from being a Special Education Teacher to young children with disabilities. She asked me to make gifts for her aids and those who have supported her along the way. This is what I came up with, Kleenex boxes that Boxguy so graciously designed and worked...
  2. 2013 Christmas Gift Gallery

    A few pics of some Christmas gifts for this year: 1. Cherry pit pen - real cherry pits embedded in a red acrylic from Made for my wife who grew up on a Montana cherry orchard 2. Pizza Cutter - Wood = Chechen 3. Bottle Opener - Wood = Chechen 4. Knife - Wood...
  3. A Few Pens

    Here are a few different pens that I made from some bowl drop-offs. When I am cutting up a blank I always keep the drop-offs and trim them down for other smaller projects. I am testing different techniques and finishes along the way. The first pic (the purple pen) was a dyed finish. I was...
  4. Desk Sign for my father in law

    My father-in-laws 75th birthday was this past weekend so I made him a little desk sign. He is a serious Hamm radio guy, so I wanted to do something that tied into that. What I didn't get a shot of is a little pocket behind his name plaque to hold his QSL cards. The little morse key I made out of...
  5. Buckeye Burl Pen

    Tycoon Pen crafted with Buckeye Burl and finished with 10 coats of CA.
  6. Acrylic pen

    I had a nice 4 day weekend and was I busy, here's another acrylic pen I turned. This one I turned completely with a skew chisel, once you get that sweet angle it works great cutting acrylic. Thanks
  7. More Writing Utensils

    St. Patricks Day is not far off, soooooooo, Not wood, But, Emerald green lava bright acrylic Celtic pens and a bolt action pen. May the luck of an Irishman make ya'll feel good. Thnx for lookin in. Any comments, good/bad/ugly are always appreciated. I'm gettin started early with a few Guinness'...
  8. Ugly Shape Pen

    Well, customer is always right. Right? Well, here is one ugly shaped pen but this was to the exact specifications of the customer. In fact the customer was there when I turned it, checking the fit to be sure it was perfect. My wife said that nobody better steal this pen from her at her work.
  9. Pen Display Case

    Solid Walnut 10 Pen Display case (not my design, I saw one i liked on the web) The lid is hinged at the back and the cradles for the pens were routed from mdf using a 3/4" core bit and covered in crushed velvet.
  10. Chrome metal sleeving cigar pen

    This is a chrome cigar kit with my latest metal sleeving. It is a chrome weaved sleeving cast in clear poly resin. Thanks for looking.
  11. Chrome elegant sierra pen

    This is a chrome/satin chrome elegant sierra kit with a chrome weaved sleeving cast in clear resin. It is very difficult to get good photos of such a shiney object so this is the best I could do. Thanks for looking
  12. Some pens I've turned

    So here are some of my first pen turnings. I mostly turn just cedar, oak and walnut. However I did manage to get a couple of blanks of snakewood. One pen was sold, I still have the one in the photo, and I've still got one more blank. The snakewood wasn't that hard to work with. As I was drilling...
  13. Boxelder Pen

    Tycoon Pen crafted with Boxelder stabilized and dyed yellow and finished with 10 coats of CA.
  14. Fallen Hero

    A little over a year ago an officer lost his k9 partner while on duty. I felt compelled to do something for him. I finally was able to give this to him so I'm able to post it.
  15. Leopardwood Pen with CA Finish

    This is a leopardwood pen finished using my CA method. This is the pen that was made during the video that I showed on my youtube video. My photo doesnt how how shiny this baby really is…I didnt have the time to set up the correct lighting and tripod for this...
  16. New Spring Blossom Kit

    This is my first try at a new kit recently made available from called "Spring Blossom". Unfortunately it's only available as a rollerball as of yet and due to the small inside diameter of the body, I doubt they ever plan to make a fountain pen version… Too bad. It's a very...
  17. Ultra Cigar Pen Chrome with Gold Accents

    Got a deal on a 3/4 HP Jet 12-20 for $150 and decided to start making some pens. I made about 10 pens without CA finish. The local woodcraft dealer talked me into buying Hut finishing product which I was not impressed with. After experimenting I was able to get a descent "CA" finish from many...
  18. Curly Maple Ambrosia pen - Designer Twist Satin with CA Finish

    Just a quick after work turning. I've had this blank sitting around for a bit and finally decided to do something with it. Designer Twist kit in Satin Curly Maple Ambrosia blank CA Finish
  19. Freedom Pens

    Another batch of 25 pens headed to our men and women in uniform serving around the world. These are all Red Oak. Since I started turning pens, I have done 510+ pens for uniformed service personnel and veterans. For more info on the Freedom Pens project, and to get involved, see...
  20. Set of 3

    I turned a Euro pen, pencil, and letter opener our of acrylic blue hawaii.
481-500 of 500 Results