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  1. Three turned pens

    Just thought I would share 3 pen that were order for me to make. The first is Maple and I guess it may be partly curly Maple, I don't know. The middle one is Hickory followed by an Olive wood pen. Thanks for looking!
  2. Monkey Pod on Wall Street

    (that's pod, not paw) No bad luck wishes here. Platinum and Black Titanium dress up this twist pen, with a Hawaiian flavor. Very easy to turn wood, with a little bit of tear out at the ends, and a little bit of open grain and voids that sanded smooth beautifully. -- to completely steal from my...
  3. Daughter's Christmas Gifts

    My daughter has been very busy during the holiday season working on Christmas Gifts for special people in her life. Pic 2 shows the ornament that she made for the LumberJocks's Ornament Swap. Pic 3 shows a set of Lanyard Pens for her teacher and Girl Scout leader. Pic 4 is the pen she made...
  4. First Pen...

    During my visit to the Roma and Community Men's Shed for a 3 day workshop on the Torque Workcentre and other woodworking topics…. I had the good fortune of turning my first pen… The timber used was Brigalow and I had a lot of help from the Shed's resident turner….Alec. So not only did the...
  5. Christmas gifts - an excuse to break out the lathe again

    Started on some early Christmas gifts. The white pen is elk antler. And the one on the bottom is a razor.
  6. pens... pens.... and more pens

    Pens from Santa's Workshop….
  7. An Experiment

    So, this was a bit of an experiment. I've had this left over piece of maple that from stat to finish has been a joy to work with. Being green, it turned very well with little to no tear out, even with it being very figured. The wood started out almost white and difficult to see any of the...
  8. Pink Flamingo Acrylic Satin Pearl 7mm Slimline Click Pencil

    Blank: Acrylic Pink Flamingo - Woodcraft Kit: 7mm Satin Pearl Slimline Click Pencil Sanded: 150 / 12,000 Micro-Mesh Finish: HUT Ultra Gloss Plastic Polish Date: March 27th 2010 Number: 14 Status: Gifted to Step-Daughter
  9. Lemon Line Acrylic Bright Black 10mm Cigar Twist Pen

    Blank: Acrylic Lemon Lime - Woodcraft Kit: 10mm Cigar Style Twist Black Pen Sanded: 350 / 12,000 Micro-Mesh Finish: HUT Ultra Gloss Plastic Polish Date: March 21st 2010 Number: 12 Status: Gifted to Step-Son
  10. Black Walnut Cigar Pen

    This is one of the first pens that I made.
  11. Pen/Pencil Set

    Gotta love a great wood find! Saw this lumber in the local HD oak bin. Wish I bought more than 3 feet of it. I went back after turning these and of course…it was gone.
  12. Chokecherry Burl and Apple Pens

    I ended up buying a few of these Jr. Gentleman's kits. These two are Copper finish with some more of that Chokecherry Burl and a gold finish with some apple wood that came from my father's back yard a few years back. I'm all about that fruit wood! ;-) I tried a CA finish on the apple, topped...
  13. Pen 08_Padauk Two-Tone Cobalt Gold Slimline Twist Pen

    Blank: Padauk Two-Tone Metal Color: Cobalt Gold Kit Type: 7mm Slimline Twist Pen Dry Sanding: 150 - 600 Wet Sanding: 1500 - 12,000 Micro-Mesh Finish: HUT Crystal Coat, P.P.P. Satin Wax, P.P.P. High Gloss Wax Date: March 13th 2010 Number: 08 Status: Available
  14. Butternut Cobalt Gold 7mm Slimline Twist Pen (Honeydipper)

    Blank: Butternut Kit: 7mm Slimline Twist Cobalt Gold Pen Sanded: 600 / 12,000 Micro-Mesh Finish: Black paint from bushings that sanded off and worked into the grain, HUT Crystal Coat, P.P.P. Satin Wax, P.P.P. High Gloss Wax Date: March 12th 2010 Number: 07 Status: Available I call this the...
  15. Sierra

    It is up for debate of what wood this is, but I the consensus seems to be Paduak.
  16. Mahogany pen

    I turned this pen out of mahogany using a madrell on the lathe
  17. Second attempt at pen

    A few weeks after my first, this is my second attempt at a pen. This time its a JR Gentleman's Kit, rollerball version. Wood is Red Mallee Burl. I'm much happier with this pen compared to the first, got the timber down to a much more appropriate level, it actually looks close to right. I love...
  18. More Pens

    No, I haven't been slackin, although, to me, it seems that way… Don't know where the time goes. Anyhoo, ....These are some pens I've been makin in-between the crib building project. I made them for a friend that has a shop in downtown Louisville, in hopes of selling a few to some Kentucky Derby...
  19. Reclaimed Bowling Alley

    Drove by the bowling alley over the summer to find out that the center was closing. 12'x4' sections of the lanes were being stacked outside. I asked one of the workers if I could buy one, and he told me to take as much as I wanted, free of charge. Needless to say, I jumped at the opportunity...
  20. Zebrawood Pen

    This is a European Round Top Pen made out of Zebrawood that I made the other day.
21-40 of 500 Results