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  1. Wine Inlay Pen

    I gave the Kallenshan inlay kits a try, and the result speaks for itself. No doubt that they are high quality blank, but man is it expensive. I'm pretty sure I paid over $20 for the BLANK only, not to mention the Sierra pen kit and supplies. It took some patience to get all the tiny little...
  2. Pen Press

    I made a pen press using a Horizontal toggle clamp and some scrap material I had laying around the shop. The pen press works great and is a lot easier to use than a pistol grip clamp. Here is a link to the full build video :
  3. First Pen!

    My first pen turning! Made from Apple wood! Fun, easy project! I can see this being very addictive!
  4. Beautiful new Fountain Pen

    I haven't turned a pen in a while, and I've never turned a Fountain pen. So, I bought this kit from Penn State and turned this beautiful Kirinite Green Pearl Fountain pen. This is the Vertex kit and has a magnetic closure and post. You can use ink cartridges or a pump system with it. I finished...
  5. Stabilized Crosscut Spalted Maple Bolt Action Pen for DIY Tyler

    I just posted this video to my YouTube channel showing how I make a Bolt Action pen for DIY Tyler out of some cross cut spalted maple I stabilized and dyed orange. I love the way this pen came out and am super happy with the blank, the cross cut maple looks amazing! Let me know what you guys...
  6. Freedom Pens

    Here are a few pics of some pens I made for Freedom Pens. I also blogged a how-to and will include the URL when I send the pens to the troops.
  7. Directions can be important

    So to further my experimentation with Pen turning, I took a stab at using a different kit. Apparently, reading the directions can be pretty important. My first Turning was on a bloodwood blank, and I just went gung-ho on it. I failed to realize that this kit requires you to make a small tenon...
  8. Baby Bed (BlackJack Oak)

    To make sure everyone understands this was a CO-Project with my Sawmilling partner. So I can only take credit for half of this project. This was a project of necessity, A friend's daughter became pregnant and asked politely (DEMANDED) we build her a heirloom quality baby bed. Well being the...
  9. First turned pen, comments please.

    This was my first attempt at turning a pen. This was euro-style picked up on sale at woodcraft. The wood is cocobolo… Now before you go there, yes I understand how working with this wood can be dangerous as there are some out there who become highly allergic to it. I am not, however and since...
  10. 5-Pen Set for Dad

    This may be the project/gift that I'm most proud of this year. Mostly because it required me to learn a new skill, and there were so many setbacks along the way. I wish I had a little more time to make a nicer presentation box, but I just finished up with pen #5 yesterday so that is out of...
  11. pen addict gone wild

    Well I have definately been bitten by the pen turning bug. I really think that its the instant gratification amd maticulousness of the hobby thay sucked me in. First pen is buckeye burly, then some randome blank I don't even know what it is, then maple burl, red palm, cocobolo and finally...
  12. Cyanoacrylate (CA) Glue and Micro Mesh Pad Caddie for Pen Turning

    I made this Cyanoacrylate (CA) Glue and Micro Mesh Pad Caddie for working on pens at the lathe. I got tired of not remembering where the micro mesh was located and the various CA glues were always in different places. This caddie also has French Cleats on the back so it can be fixed on the...
  13. Chrysalis of a Pen

    Boys and Girls, While there seems to be an upsurge on the presentation of individuals' pen creations here at LJ (well a couple in the last 3 months), I had to do a bit of searching for a how to blog/project. While there are plenty, I'm sure many readers only delve so deep into the archives and...
  14. My FIRST Pen!

    Decided to turn a room in my basement into a pen making shop and here's the first finished product! Read online about losing blanks because of blowouts, but I'm proud to say that I got this bad boy done using only the two blanks you see on the pen kit! Found some cheap Rosewood for this pen, but...
  15. Random Pens

    Posting a few pens I have recently casted and turned. I used Palm Royal resin and cured in a pressure pot. Fun addition to the standard pen turning.
  16. Pen's for Christmas

    For the rest of the children (I mean adults) this Christmas I turned some pen's From left to right they are Pallet Wood, Padauk, Pecan, Pecan, Red Maple, Pallet wood and the picture by it self is Purple Heart. They have a supper glue finish and are sanded up to 12,000 grit and polished (super...
  17. new bowl

    Wild Cherry Salad Bowl. 9 3/4" by 3 1/2" Finished with 3 coats of General Finishes Salad Bowl Finish. This is a blank I got about 6 months ago and have been wondering how it would "turn out". Robert
  18. USMC Pen and Display

    I caste this blank from alumiltie. I needed something to display it with so came up with this little flag display. Seems to work… I caste custom blanks if anyone is interested.
  19. Genuine Nevada Sagebrush Casting - Pens, Rings, even Bangles

    Locally Sourced Random Materials Because I am a local Nevadan and a woodworker, I have wanted to create a product that embodies Nevada for some time. Taking it one step further, my goal was to utilize something that is so blatantly ubiquitous that it smacks you in the face, but I wanted it...
  20. Bolt action pens

    Some bolt action pens I recently finished! Left to right woods are. Black ash burl, camphor burl, Alaskan yellow cedar burl, Premium blue curly maple stabilized, Curly maple, Azfelia burl and Finally Masur birch! Some gorgeous wood the camphor has a very pleasant Sweet scent to it!
1-20 of 108 Results