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  1. Cheap & Easy Pen Press

    If you're new to wood turning like me, by the time you've bought the lathe, chisels, and all the accessories, dropping another $50 on a pen press just seems ridiculous. Before you say "but you don't know", I do know; I used one extensively at a friend's shop and I don't really see the reasoning...
  2. Pen Press

    I made a pen press using a Horizontal toggle clamp and some scrap material I had laying around the shop. The pen press works great and is a lot easier to use than a pistol grip clamp. Here is a link to the full build video :
  3. Pen Press

    With Laney's plans and his video instructions this projects was very simple. Website Blog: Video Link:
  4. Thin Blue Line Pens

    A couple of project pens. Both of these pens are made with dyed ebony wood with a blue line made with Inlace Acrylic. I first turned the pen body, then cut a groove with a parting tool and filled the groove with the Inlace. After the Inlace dried, I turned the pen body a second time, removing...
  5. Blogs
    My first Turning Project For a very long time now I have been wanting to learn how to turn on a lathe. Well recently I was able to purchase a lathe using a Gift card I won thanks to your votes. My first project, wow, well since I am a fan of pen turning, I thought that would be the place to...
  6. Blogs
    Make a Pen Press Last week in my video showing my first turning project I showed you a Pen Press I made to press the parts of a turned pen together. I asked if you wanted to see a Pen Press How to video and the overall response was yes. So here you go. This is a great little jig for pen turners...
  7. Blogs
    Kreg Jig Pen Press I've been using a combination of a quick clamp and the drill press to press pen kits together. Both the quick clamp and the drill press are awkward to use doing this. I was looking at pictures of pen presses recently and it dawned on me that I could probably use my Kreg jig...
  8. Designing Woodworking Projects
    So, I'm designing a laundry room and would like to set the bottom cabinets using ladder frame bases, but this project will feature a couple of exposed end cabinets. How do you treat end cabinets with ladder frame bases? Do you hold back the kick plate even on the ends? Or build traditional...
  9. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    Hello, I am posting here, per the advice of many of the LumberJocks who I have spoken with recently. Hopefully, this will not create cause for flagging. Basically, I am looking for someone who may be interested in creating a box to hold a poker playing set, to be raffled off at a fund raiser...
1-9 of 9 Results