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  1. Chrysalis of a Pen

    Boys and Girls, While there seems to be an upsurge on the presentation of individuals' pen creations here at LJ (well a couple in the last 3 months), I had to do a bit of searching for a how to blog/project. While there are plenty, I'm sure many readers only delve so deep into the archives and...
  2. A Choice for Kinky Literates.

    Boys and Girls, After my previous presentation of a few "pens" for illiterates, I thought it was time to prove that there is diversity in the literary profession and you just don't need to stick to the keyboard or those simple run of the mill writing implements. While there has been an...
  3. Hutch

    This is the hutch I built for my wife to her specs and given as her Christmas present 2010. It is made of solid pine and she wanted it painted white to match other decor in the kitchen. It was built using my old table saw (Skil 10" with universal motor-sold) and the band saw, router table and...
  4. Router Bit Cabinet

    I created this router bit box from Ash with Cherry drawer fronts. The bit holders were made by adopting a design from Woodsmith Shop plans (Router Bit Cabinet, Episode 503). Sizes were adjusted to (hopefully) accommodate my future needs. I used dovetail joints in construction and a french cleat...
  5. Just a pen

    The Executive.
  6. Marketplace Classifieds
    I am getting my shop back in order to do some pen turning an other small lathe type stuff. I'm looking for leftover pen turning stuff, a barrel trimmer, a decent lathe chuck for small bowls and such, and mixed and matched parts from pen kits. Anything will be appreciated. Thanks in advance
  7. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Does anyone know where I might find pen kits with calligraphy nibs? I did a few searches at the sites I normally shop but couldn't find any.
  8. Woodworking Skill Share
    I have been and have a waiting list of disabled Vets learning how to turn pens. I do the training at the Vet assistance clinic by the Vet hospital. I do 1 class now and will be doing 2 classes a week with 4 class each day and each class has 4 people. I could use your help. If you are no longer...
  9. Blogs
    Thanks Rockler! Just wanted to share a good experience with Rockler. They're getting some new pen kits in and I ordered a Jr. Gent in black titanium. When I received the kit I got a gold finish kit. The part number matched what the site had listed as the BT kit but the description said it...
  10. Site Help and Suggestions
    Going to try my hand at pen turning. Was wondering where you guys that turn pens get the best price for the pen kits? Also does the kit come with all you would need to have a finish product, other than the blank. Blanks aren't an issue. Don't want anything fancy at this time, just something to...
  11. Woodturning
    Just a shot in the dark but I am getting into pen turning strictly as a hobby and was wondering if any of you guys have any pen turning supply's lying around that you might part with on the cheap. Anything from bushings brass tubes, barrel trimmers, mixed and matched pen parts would be...
1-11 of 11 Results