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  1. Pembroke table

    Made out of walnut with the secondary wood of poplar. Stringing and bell flowers done with holly. Drawer front is ribbon stripe mahogany and ambonya burl. Finish is Waterlox. Thanks for having look!
  2. A Drop Leaf "Breakfast Table"

    I really enjoy the drop leaf table. This type and size of table has many names such as the Breakfast Table, Pembroke, Drop Leaf, Flap, etc. This particular version is very useful in a breakfast nook, a studio apartment or as a living room side table. It is small enough to move around and you...
  3. Pembroke table #1

    Before we started working on the Pembroke table #2 in 2009, we did another pembroke table This is a 3 paire of hand project. We were housing a french trainee, Hubert Jego, whom graduated in furniture making and had little experience in marquetry. To help him progress and also practice...
  4. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    The Incra I_Box User's Manual suggests "You can cut delicate 1/8" box joints using standard 1/8" kerf table saw blades, but you'll want to choose a blade that features a flat ground raker tooth or a special box joint grind like those from Forrest and Ridge Carbide." These blades are pretty...
  5. Blogs
    An Old Drop Leaf Table My wife and I found this old drop leaf table at a local antique fair. I thought it was a nice size for a breakfast nook or a sitting table in the office. I was intrigued because it was obviously quite old and showed signs of being made with hand tools. I don't know...
1-5 of 5 Results