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  1. Live Oak hollow form

    I turned this hollow vessel from a piece of Live Oak that was cut down due to safety issues. I had intended to make this bigger but there were bad and punky spots on it and it ended up to be approximately a 6" globe. The wood that still looks un-dyed around the hole was treated with thin CA glue...
  2. Wood & Lumber
    Do any of my fellow LJ's make their own wood pellets or pressed wood "bricks" for their wood burning stoves. I'm needing info on how it's done. I really would love to able to heat my shop with all the dust and shavings I've been tossing out.
  3. Wood & Lumber
    My girlfriend and I are making a dishware set, bowls, plates, cups. We are turning this on the lathe and I wanted to know about the best sort of wood to use that can stand getting wet and dry repeatedly and not crack too soon. Any suggestions? ~edit~ Let me clarify. I only instead to hand wash...
1-3 of 3 Results