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  1. Mule Deer Lifesize Pedestal Display Mount with Turquoise Inlay

    This life size taxidermy pedestal was carved out of a burled pine log, inlay with turquoise and finished with Tung Oil
  2. $500.00 ?! Are you Nuts ?!

    Long story short. I help the boss with the laundry, (she's getting up there too) but bending down to load & unload the wash was killing my arthritic legs. So I go to "big blue" and almost had a heart attack when the guy said their laundry machine pedestals would cost me $500.00 ! I couldn't get...
  3. Pedestal Table (finished piece)

    I enjoyed this project, though, at times, it gave me the "fits". It's made of Walnut with distressed copper laminated to plywood on all 4 sides. Finished with 3 coats of oil and 3 coats of satin poly. Thanks for looking!
  4. Pedestal Base for Table Top (coves cut on table saw)

    Furniture dealer near the house was going out of business and we found a 48' round cherry table that included a well-built top but an awkward base. The base was 18 inches square with four plain posts and a bad design of cross braces. It prevented anyone from placing their legs comfortably...
  5. A Simple Platform (w/Time Lapse Video) | Custom

    This is a simple platform bed that was built in November 2012. It is a standard Captain's height drawer pedestal with 12 drawers and a solid platform on top for the mattress support. Time Lapse Video Trouble Viewing Click Here For more building pictures see my Current Projects link at...
  6. Chi Omega Single beds | Custom

    This is the finished product of the single beds built for the Chi Omega dorm rooms. Ten of these were built. They were completed in June 2009. They feature a large head board designed with bookcases at the top and small cell phone shelf, which most students use as an alarm clock. Below the...
  7. Princess Pedestal | Custom

    This is a set of drawers that was completed in June 2009. They were built for display in our showroom. One side has 2 drawers and double doors and the other side has just panel. The reason I usually make a solid panel on one side is for those smaller rooms where the bed will go close to the...
  8. Rosette Headboard | Rub Through Finish Bed | Custom

    This is a bed that was designed by a customer. They basically told me they wanted drawers, a panel headboard with rosettes on the corners in black. I suggested using the oak wood for texture and using a red undercoated instead of black for the base. This allow me to rub through the finish and...
  9. Side Table, White Oak and Cherry

    I've long needed a side table for the recliner, and finally developed a design I was happy with. Very challenging to lay out and build, because there are no straight lines and no 90 degree angles to reference from. Steam bending would have been the ideal way to form these legs, but I had some...
  10. 6 Drawer Bed Pedestal | Custom

    This is a 6 drawer unit that was completed for my showroom in June 2009. It is part of the platform group with different sizes and types of drawer pedestal. This one is 9 ¼"h overall. It is built using oak and epoxy coated side mount rails. I originally designed this type of drawer unit to...
  11. Double head taixdermy display pedestal base

    This juniper pedestal was made to hold two shoulder mounts. It is juniper with turquoise inlay and is on a burl pine base and hand oiled.
  12. Wood Pedestal Display Base for Taxidermy Mounts or Art & Sculptures

    This pedestal is made with twisted juniper, the bases are made from burled blue pine. It is inlayed with turquoise and has a hand rubbed oil finish.
  13. Burled Pine Taxidermy Pedestal Diplay Base for Deer or Antelope Mount

    Made from Burled pine, inlaid with turquoise. Hand rubbed oil finish. This piece stands 38" tall and is 6 1/2" diameter at the top.
  14. Indian Bronze Art Sculpture Display Pedestal

    This pedestal has a curly redwood top with a pine burl pedestal. Inlaid with obsidian knives and arrowheads, it is part of our "Buxton Collection" there are 5 pedestals in all and will hold bronze Indian sculptures
  15. 'A' String

    or 'oh no, now he's doing it with curves' (Thanks, Kate) This is a 'shell' box. 125mm square by 60mm high (overall). Top wall thickness 4.5mm, base wall thickness 3mm. Made from American Black Walnut with Pau Amarello stringing. Glue is PVA and finish Wax over Sanding Sealer. A chance to...
  16. Cherry cubed wood accent tables, Stools, pedestals, or plantstands

    Cherry cubes. 10.75 tall & 12X12 on top… or 14X14 corner to corner on top. Spar urethane indoor - out door finish. Can be seen at
  17. Maple wood accent tables, Stools, pedestals, or plantstands USA

    Spalted Maple log wood accent Tables, stools, Plantstands, or pedestals. 19 & 16 tall & 12X12 on top. Spar urethane indoor - out door finish. Can be seen at They are selling these at pottery barn for 250.00 each. Thats some high dollar firewood! they're from Argentina…...
  18. More of this weeks accent Tables

    Hickory - 13X8X10 tall Poplar - 10X10X18 tall Sassifras - 8X9X14 tall Can be seen at
  19. More of the weeks pieces, rustic accent table, Stump Stool, Log stool.

    Spalted Maple - 11×11x18.5 tall Hickory - 12X8X8.5 tall Spalted Maple - 12X10.5X15.75 tall Can be seen at
21-40 of 129 Results