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  1. Storage Bed II | Custom

    This is a bed that was completed in January 2011. It is a knock off of my Original Storage Bed. I basically took the bookcase top section off and raised the storage area under the headboard. I call it the Storage Bed II. It has a lot of storage. I only have drawers on one side. Those...
  2. Freeform White Oak Sculpted Stump Stool, Table, Pedestal, or Stand ~ with nice Natural Hole

    White Oak Sculpted Stump Stool, Table, Pedestal, or Stand ~ with nice Natural Hole This piece stands 21" tall with a 23X14 top. The hole is 2.5X 4" & 3" deep This piece can be seen on ebay where it has more pics & a shipping calculator. Thanks for looking...
  3. Necklace rack for SIL

    My brother asked me to make something for his wife to hang her necklaces on for Christmas. He had no idea what he wanted so he left it up to me to design. I looked through LJ to get some ideas and nothing hit me. I had some strips of oak and bass wood. I glued them together and turned the...
  4. Buffing Station

    I built this pedestal for my old General grinding arbor from plans from the November 1971 issue of Popular Mechanics (found it here). Arbor and motor were acquired at a tag sale, the wheels came off an old grill, wiring came from my supplies. Purchased electrical conduit and brackets for the...
  5. Gallery Pedestal

    There are a group of us that show some of our work at a gallery and we have pedestals that we built and use. I was asked by a friend if I could build him one for a bronze statue with a marble base. Most of these are built as a simple 2×2 frame, screwed together. Then hardboard(masonite) is used...
  6. Belly Pedestal Trestle Dining Table

    This is a HUGE and HEAVY dining table. As with about 99% of my work, I do custom made work to exact client specifications. This dining table fits perfectly in their dining room and decor. The table is made from yellow pine I got from one of the artisan sawmills I go to frequently. The top is...
  7. Custom Taxidermy Base Pedestal Deer Buck Mount

    This pedestal was originally a floor lamp, our custom had us cut it down and convert it into a taxidermy pedestal. This is a piece of juniper and is finished with satin polycrylic.
  8. Bedside Table with Entrapped Ring

    Most of the components (centre piece and table top) for this project were made on the lathe. the feet were cut out with a coping saw (I do not have a bandsaw..) and then rounded over using a 1/4" round-over bit on the router table. A simple project you can make in a day.
  9. File Drawer Platform | Custom

    This is a platform that was completed in February 2010. Actually it was completed in both February and March. I had to rebuild it. It was for a local designer. I overlooked my notes that the drawer needed to hold hanging file folders. Normally I put three drawer across, but since the drawer...
  10. Burl Pine & Redwood Pedestal, Art Display Base with Arrowheads

    This pedestal is made from burled pine and redwood and is inlaid with arrowheads. We used General finishes Seal A Cell. This pedestal was custom made for a bronze Indian statue. It stands are 34" tall
  11. Tool Pedastal

    First Post! Long time reader and decided to contribute. I was cleaning my shop last weekend and realized I needed a place to store my band saw so I decided to make this. I had seen plans for this stand on woodsmith. After a few minor modifications I adapted the Woodsmith plans to fit my...
  12. Chessboard Table

    Chessboard Table I made my Junior year in High School for a state competition that I made the finals for. The table is made out of black walnut, oak and maple. The chessboard is maple and black walnut, the border around the chessboard is oak, the legs are oak and the pedestal is black walnut...
  13. 3-legged Pedestal table

    Pine pedestal table,18w X 24h.Chestnut,poly,and beeswax finish. 1- Finished table 2- Centre column off of lathe with mortises cut 3- leg blanks with tenons cut 4- table top glue up 5- legs hand shaped 6- table completed with no finish
  14. Cambridge pedestal table

    These pedestal tables are selling well. This is the newest style, our Cambridge. This one has solid ash pedestals (3 pieces of 11" 16/4) and feet with a solid 6/4 white oak top, sporting breadboard ends. This one is finished in Starbucks dark brown (WD0001) with 1 coat of emtech sealer and 3...
  15. Birdhouse pedestal

    This is a pedestal I made for my wife's fancy birdhouse. It is made of poplar, and nothing fancy, but it does the job and looks nice. It made my wife happy and that is always a good thing.
  16. hexagonal pedestal dish

    This was cut from alder and black walnut. I worked at it on and off for about 3 weeks. By far the hardest and most frustrating part was getting the bevels cut accurately, as this was done on the scroll saw, which is great for intricate cuts and curves, but not accurate straight lines. The edges...
  17. Pedestal Farmhouse Table

    Finally, a real table! I made a coffee table as practice for this, a real one. I used these plans from Ana White and modified them to make it look a bit more refined. I also modified the benches, so that they would slide all the way in. I made this in a corner of my basement and hung plastic...
  18. Mule Deer Lifesize Pedestal Display Mount with Turquoise Inlay

    This life size taxidermy pedestal was carved out of a burled pine log, inlay with turquoise and finished with Tung Oil
  19. $500.00 ?! Are you Nuts ?!

    Long story short. I help the boss with the laundry, (she's getting up there too) but bending down to load & unload the wash was killing my arthritic legs. So I go to "big blue" and almost had a heart attack when the guy said their laundry machine pedestals would cost me $500.00 ! I couldn't get...
  20. Pedestal Table (finished piece)

    I enjoyed this project, though, at times, it gave me the "fits". It's made of Walnut with distressed copper laminated to plywood on all 4 sides. Finished with 3 coats of oil and 3 coats of satin poly. Thanks for looking!
1-20 of 126 Results