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  1. Walnut and birdeye maple pedestal tables

    This is a project i finished about a year ago. i figured i would do a test as my first posted project. this is a pair of pieces that i built for myself. it was a bit of a "off seat of my pants" design. the pedestals are walnut with a maple spline at the miter. the top is birdseye maple. I...
  2. Reclaimed White Oak Dining Table

    Check out my latest build. I make this Farmhouse inspired Dining table using Reclaimed white oak. I add some elegance with the addition of curves in the base. Check out the Video on how I made it!
  3. 60" Walnut Pedestal Table

    Had a customer that wanted a pedestal table for there breakfast area and found a picture of one on the web they liked. I had not done one of this style before and thought it would be a challenging but doable project. Once I broke down the different parts into individual projects it was not to...
  4. Cambridge Pedestal table with center leaves

    Another example of my Cambridge pedestal dining table. This one is 42" x 96", expandable to 120". The top is solid 6/4 maple, stained a custom color to match the homes trim. The base is also solid maple and finished in a custom tinted waterborne poly to match the homes cabinets. The top...
  5. Pedestal dining table with copper top.

    Here is one of my Yorkshire single pedestal dining tables. This one has a custom hand hammered copper top. The base is a 2-tone distressed finishes. I design and cut all of our pedestals in house. The base is made from 2 rings. The bottom ring is made from 8 equal segments cut at 22.5 degrees...
  6. Walden pedestal dining table

    Here is one of our Walden pedestal tables. This one is 40" x 84" with an additional 24" of leaves. The finish is General Finishes Enduro black poly topped with Target Coatings satin EM9300 with 5% cross-linker added.
  7. Cambridge pedestal dining table

    This is a 12' long Cambridge pedestal dining table. The top is solid sap white hard maple, while the pedestals are made from 16/4 solid ash. Finished with one of our proprietary colors and topped off with Target Coatings CV8000, cross-linked of course.
  8. 1/4 pie table

    Perfect fit for this corner. Made of walnut salvaged from Sandy storm three years ago. Pedestal base is strong and steady, each member is 2 1/4 thick. Sits three and seven when pulled away from the wall. Finish with shellac and 4 coats of poly.
  9. georgia table

    bookmatched walnut top with ambrosia maple panel inlayed in center. 66×35 x 29
  10. Figured Moabi Side Table

    I recently refinished this figure Moabi side table, that I made for my wife six years ago. The top is slightly rectangular with a curve running along each edge to give an elegant look that compliments the legs. The base is just a simple pedestal style with the center column just a couple inches...
  11. Pedestal Table (prototype)

    Didn't know how this was going to look as a corner piece for our living room, so I first made it of pine scraps that I had around the shop. The final will be made from walnut with laminated distressed copper panels on all 4 sides (if I can figure out the best way to permanently laminate the...
1-11 of 11 Results