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  1. Dalmation wood music box (unfinished)

    Dalmatian wood is very rare and only found in inner outer western mongolia on the east side of Ittabeena. Due to this limited material this is a one off. The box is 1/4" material except the bottom resonator panel which is 1/8". Still to be installed are a couple of interior dividers and the...
  2. Sinker/Pecky Cypress Craft Table

    My wife requested a work table for her sewing/craft room that would be big enough to cut out fabric patterns on and tall enough that she could stand at and work comfortably for hours at a time. We settled on 39" high with a 4'x6' top. The addition of a shelf effectively doubled the useful...
  3. Blogs
    Shop cabinet build I needed some shop storage and I wanted to use some pecky cypress I was given. So I figured drawer fronts of pecky cypress would be an awesome start. So I started by getting some free plywood after some old cabinets were demo'd on a job I was on. I would've preferred...
1-3 of 3 Results