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  1. Birdhouse - The Nut Hut

    I made this for my Mother for Mothers Day. She loves to feed the wild Squirrels so I made a Birdhouse that really serves as a nut dispenser. The drawer slides out and it is filled with peanuts. The funny thing is my mom put it outside and the squirrels learned how to open the drawer! Pretty...
  2. Christmas Yard Art

    Not a whole lot of woodworking here. I just used a jig saw to cut out patterns from a 1/2 sheet of plywood. A little primer and paint finished the jobs. I attached 2 conduit clips to the back of each character. Hammer a piece of rebar into the ground, slide the character over the rebar, go...
  3. Dad's Nut House

    Here's another project from my (recent) pre-woodworking days. I've always been into making stuff, and before I "knew" how to work wood (or had the proper tools to do so) I work with what I had or could find. This is actually inspired from a cedar peanut "basket" Rob (my BIL) made one Christmas...
1-3 of 3 Results