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  1. Wedding Automaton

    This is a present for a recently married couple based on some of their wedding photos. They were married in a Scottish Castle with pipers and kilts, daffodils and snow.
  2. Cutting boards

    Smaller one is maple, cherry, and padauk. Bigger one is walnut, maple, cherry, and padauk. Both finished with mineral oil and beeswax.
  3. Shop Project - Organizer Cabinet

    I have wanted to do this project for awhile. I try to be organized by having these Stanley 10-Compartment Professional Deep Organizers for screws, bolts, hinges, etc… The problem is they all stacked on top of each other and I always seemed a need a part or screw in the organizer stacked on the...
  4. File handle with brass ferrule

    Another file handle, this one a full inch in diameter. Bought some 1" ID brass tubing to go with my 1" diameter broom-stick. Hacksawed off a piece, bashed it around some with the 3# hand-maul, and then shined it up with the wire wheel on the bench grinder afterwards. Functional and prettier than...
  5. Bench

    This is a bench that I built as an anniversary present for my wife. She mentioned that she would like to have a place to store the kids toys on the screened porch. So I surprised her by building this while she was away with her family. It is made up of 3/4" sandply, beadboard, and pine...
  6. One CRAZY BOWL and two on FIRE

    I had actually set out to make a different design, however I was not sure how to accomplish it, this is totally different from what was in my foggy head. One problem the size of the piece of wood was not the right size I think. needed to be a smaller log. NEXT TIME, you just wait. I WILL DO...
  7. Popeye note paper role holder

    Just another scrap wood project. I can't resist working with wood . Especially today when its 90 F + outside. My basement workshop is nice and cool . The main reason I made this is that I found a whole case of adding machine rolls, brand new. I had an idea one night (dream) that I could use...
  8. Monitor Risers for my Wife

    My wife asked me to make a couple of monitor risers to replace the phone books her monitors were sitting on. These two were made from honey locust and the remnants of some ovangkol from previous projects. As and added bonus, I chose these species to match the school colors as seen on the mouse...
  9. Wine Bottle Balancer

    Made with Brazilian Cerry and Maple. Made for good friend of our family.
  10. lighter holder

    A nobody puts this lighter accidentally to pocket from table. Made from pine and finish whit lacquer for bouts. I used only these tools: Is it called carving if I didn't use no knife or chisel ? More pictures from making process in my Blog. PS:What is English word for that plate where my...
  11. Panhead Eagle - Intarsia Woodworking

    After seeing some of my work, my boss approached me one day with a request for his father. His father's birthday was quickly approaching and he wanted to do something special. I talked to him about his father's interest and hobbies because I strive to do something special and that means...
  12. A couple of cutting boards for family Christmas presents

    Had some scrap wood around the workshop so I decided to make some cutting boards for a couple of family members for Christmas this year. All three have 3 coats of Salad Bowl finish.
  13. Hat Making Tools: Restoration and New Parts for the Maillard Allie Conformateur and Formillon

    ---------------------------------------- My work on this antique Conformateur & Formillon consisted of: Building all new wooden "L" Shaped Ebonized Walnut finger keys Building one new brass Push Pin on the top, and doing a thorough calibration and cleaning. Replacing one broken...
  14. Flight Simulator controls

    As I explained in my blog entry, I've been absent because work has kicked in hard, and because my hobby time right now is spent working on an R/C glider that had been gathering dust for years. Maybe once I get that done I can get back to making sawdust in something other than balsawood, but then...
  15. Dart Board Surround

    Got tired of friends missing the board and hitting the wall in my newly finished bar. I went to the office supply store ad bought the largest peg board they had. I ripped off the cheap plastic frame and cut it to size with a razor knife. Unfortunately, the cork was only about 1/4" thick so, I...
  16. Turned Boxes

    Here's a couple of boxes that I turned. Originally the dark and light ones were to be salt and pepper "Lighthouse" shakers.
  17. New Woodworker: My First Project - Banana Hanger

    Hi, I'm just setting up shop. This is my first woodworking project. I wanted a beginning project that would fit the few tools I have acquired so far. I have tried to design the hanger with curves to reflect it's function. The base also holds a bowl for other types of fruit. I guess I was...
  18. Thirst aid station

    Made from fence cedar and bamboo. No metal of any kind. Used a torch for the burning effect and then spray polyurethens, not even dry yet. Also a question; what styl is it? I never know what to call my style. What is gree and green?
  19. Maple Burl Bowl #95

    This was turned from a piece of maple I brought south with me. This piece cracked through the first tenon I tuned on it and it hit me in the shoulder and flew all the way to the wall when I cranked up the speed. That tenon was punky to start with. When it got to final shape I noticed a crack...
1-20 of 134 Results