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  1. Coffe triple Tray Service Cart

    Hi everybody a 2 months ago i post some of my work on Instagram and a very recognized chef in the México City. ask me to do 3 service carts heres the last one. He asked me something unique for the elaboration of his homemade coffee, this is what I did. I made a tripe tray brick end cut...
  2. My First Outdoor Lounge

    Hi 3 months ago i made my first Outdoor Lounge 100% made whit solid Parota Beams it was a really hard work. Since I work alone. all the joints are made whit Festool XL 700 I decided to put sunbrella cushions that is the best fabric for outdoor. I only make Unique pieces. hope u like it heres...
  3. Tray and candle holder from Parota wood

    Spent Christmas in Mexico south of Rosarito. A place was selling live-edge tables they were making from Parota wood (Guanacaste). They sold me some scrap peices: one was a cookie-cut, the other a section of root. Both had been laying around their yard for a long time and were VERY dry. The...
  4. Parota Large Chip & Dip Tray

    Hey Folk's, here again with an other Mother's day gift. I made this little bit over sized, I saw the tray once on the web and like the shape, so I give it a tray this past wekend. Its made from Parota wood and Hard Maple, finish with Bowl Salad Finish from GF. Final dimensions are 24" x 14" x...
  5. tear drop / waterfall ?

    cut from one solid log. What would you call this? tear drop or waterfall?
  6. Parota Live Edge Slab Dining Table

    We were moving into a new house and needed a new dining table so I decided to make one. I found this amazing Parota slab at a local wood shop and knew it would be great. It's 8' long x 45" wide and 2" thick. It was in amazing condition with only a few knots needing a small amount of epoxy to...
  7. Wood Whisperer Clock - Mexican Parota

    A friend came back from Mexico with a chunk of Mexican Parota. I was stumped for a birthday gift for my mom's 70th because she doesn't need or want anything. I decided to use the Mexican Parota to make a Wood Whisperer clock. I used birch for the turned dowels, splines and the central part that...
  8. Geode Coffee Table w/LED Light

    This was a fun project made out of a large Parota (Guanacaste) cross cut slab. The thick slice of Quartz geode has been inlayed into the surface of the table with an LED light installed below. The light is controlled by remote and has the ability to turn 15 different colors and three different...
  9. Brick wall end cut coffee table top

    Here is my last work a brick end cut top for a coffee table. One of the lines i made that way on purpose. 36" x 39" x 2" Parota & Ash I will upload the final photo soon!
  10. Exotic Wood Service Tray

    My latest project a client ask me for a fancy service tray. i made this whit Purple Hart, Oak & Parota 61.6 cm x 37.3 cm Now i dont know how much money I sell it… i think its beautiful and big.
  11. Parota Cutting Board #1

    Found a nice Parota crotch board at my local wood shop and immediately thought that it would make a nice cutting board. It is approximately 20" x 12" x 2". Rubber feet with stainless screws have been added for stability.
  12. Parota Cutting Board #2

    This board was a bit more plain in shape and grain than the crotch piece I previously made, so I wanted to "fancy" it up a bit. The circle inlays are curly maple and it is hard to tell from the pics, but a 45 degree bevel has been routed around the base to take away some of the visual heft. The...
  13. End grain 3D & Brick pattern Shallow trays

    for several months I had a cutting boards that could not be sold for attachment to them, so I decided to make Shallow trays with them. this was the results…
  14. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I am eager to build my first woodworking bench. It'll be used for hand-tool woodworking. I bought a bunch of Fir yesterday for a really good deal. But I am still undecided about the specific design. I want it to be very sturdy so I am making the legs out of 6"x6" stock. The top will be 2 slabs...
  15. Wood & Lumber
    Hello all, I have a few large Parota slabs that I would like to sell and I am looking into becoming a distributer. here in Oregon. I began making some tables with slabs a few years ago and since then have come across a few to either use as projects or sell outright. I was wondering if anyone...
  16. Wood & Lumber
    Thinking about making a cutting board out of Parota. Don't know if it would make a good cutting board as I haven't worked with it before. Any direction would be great!
  17. Blogs
    20" x 20" x 144" Parota Timber verses WoodMizer LT70 Yesterday, we made a set of 10 bookmatched 8/4×20" Parota slabs from a monster Parota (Guanacaste) timber. Parota is very similar to Koa in appearance but does not weigh nearly as much. View on YouTube
1-17 of 17 Results