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  1. Refurbished bench using QS white oak

    Not a lot to say here, a neighbor down the road had a free sign next to this and one other similar bench. I stripped the paint, repainted, and used quarter-sawn white oak for the frame/slats. I've never made anything for the outdoors before, not sure how long it will last before it starts to...
  2. Park Bench with a reclined seat made out of 2x4's

    I recently built a park bench out of 8 - 8 foot 2×4's. The seat is reclined at 5° relative to the floor and the back is reclined at 12.5° relative to the seat. The front leg is cut at 5° on the bottom and 90° on the top. The rear leg is cut at 22.5° on the bottom and 27.5° on the top. It is...
  3. 3rd of 3 Park Benches

    This is the 3rd of the 3 Park Benches that I was commissioned to make. This, by far, is the best of the 3. With each bench I changed up the plan slightly. The first bench was made according to the plan found in Wood Magazine (June/July 2006). The 2nd bench I replaced the screws on the tenons...
  4. Park Bench

    Four foot Old park bench, irons bought at auction, oak slats, golden oak minwax stain to bring out the grain, couple coats of helmsman. It's now sitting on the porch at church.
1-4 of 4 Results