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  1. Ultimate Clamp Rack

    Hey, guys! I built the Ultimate Clamp Rack for JET & Powermatic Woodworking. I live in Nashville and the JET/Powermatic training facility is just 30 minutes east in Lavergne, TN. I made this clamp rack to hold 36 JET parallel clamps for their shop and it only takes up 43" of wall space. The...
  2. Dog House Bank

    Laura and I teamed up tonight and made this bank. The dog house un screws from the base when you want your money out. Thanks For Stopping Bye Dennis & Laura
  3. Space Saving Parallel Clamp Rack

    Hey, guys! I just finished up a parallel clamp rack for the shop and I love this thing! I used a stacked approach vs. the typical side by side approach and it offers some massive space savings (I got the idea from Dyami from Penultimate Woodshop). The rack is 38-3/4" wide and will fit 24...
  4. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Anyone know of any sales right now on parallel clamps?
  5. Blogs
    Andy Klein is at it again! Andy Klein invented a new kind of woodworking clamp. He modified a regular parallel clamp so that it can be used as both a regular parallel clamp for day to day clamping tasks AND it can also be used as a panel clamp when you want to glue up a panel. The way I got...
  6. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    This may be a stupid question but …... Today I bought some parallel clamps (my first) and when I got home I noticed that the fixed jaw was not square to the bar on any of the clamps. Some are pretty close, others are significantly off. Previously I had thought the whole point of parallel...
1-6 of 6 Results