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  1. Black Oak Burl Custom Fly Fishing Net w/Kingman Turquoise & Copper Inlay by Sierra Nets

    I have been on hiatus from here since the spring. Apologies. A lot has happened both good(lots of fishing) & not so good(My dear mother passed), but I am still heavily engaged in the sport. The custom net biz has been quite good, and my backlog remains out into 2014. I feel mighty blessed...
  2. First of maybe a series.

    This is my first "Survival Knife" It is made of Damascus steel with Canary wood handle scales. Hard to make out in the picture but that is a 4 leaf clover set into the left side of the handle. This knife includes 5' of 550 Paracaord, Compass, Matches, Fishing kit, and a sewing kit in the...
  3. DIY Adirondack Chair with Paracord Seat

    I put a modern twist on the classic Adirondack chair, and make one with a woven paracord seat! Check it out HERE!
  4. Little Sisters birthday present made from a pallet (SWING)

    I found this idea off a website, and thought it would make a fun gift for my sisters birthday. Materials used: One wooden pallet, scrap 4×4, paracord, rope, 8ft 2×4 and two 5×3/8 lags. She seems to like it :)
  5. Salmo Trutto, the Custom Bird's Eye Maple, Mahogany & Walnut Fly Fishing Net wl Black Rubber Bag

    Let me start by apologizing for the pics being cut off 15-20% on the right side. I guess mine are too big at 1024, but I never have this problem on other forums I hope LJ can arrange to make that happen some day. I just shipped this net before Christmas to Arkansas. Salmo Trutto: Named...
  6. Paracord Chair

    This chair was designed and built as a prototype deck chair using Southern yellow poplar and 3/16 paracord. I purchased African mahogany for deck furniture but decided to use the poplar for the prototype to work out all the details first. Rear legs were laminated around a form, with 6 dowels...
  7. Carved Walking Stick

    In the last year or so, I have started using a cane or walking stick as my back issues have gotten worse. This walking stick.was made using an unknown sapling from the ditch along with a carved topper. The carving was made from Tupelo wood with some added black eyes. Most of my carving is...
  8. Mitered Box With Paracord Handles

    Making a mitered plywood box with paracord handles. To store wooden building blocks I made a box from plywood with mitre joints and handles made of paracord. My son gave it a special paint job. Please also watch the video about this build and subscribe to my channel on YouTube! I cut a...
1-8 of 8 Results