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  1. Baby Groot

    My daughter loves this little guy from the movie, Guardians of the Galaxy !
  2. Wooden Dice - Large Dice Set

    Perfect for dice lovers or just for decoration in any room in the house, whether displayed in a bookcase, the game room, stimulating conversation in the Man Cave or as a paperweight on your desk. This set of dice makes a perfect Stocking Stuffer for the adult who loves board games. Made from...
  3. Explosive Mahogany Paperweight

    Have you ever had a really nice piece of scrap in the pile that was just too small to really do anything with, but its nice wood so you just hang on to it forever, hoping someday you'll think of something to do with it? Well, that's what this piece of wood is. I found this block of African...
  4. Canadian Coin Paperweight

    This is an oak paperweight I made a while back. I just liked the coin with an elk or buck deer on it, so I counter sunk it into a nice piece of oak I had laying about just waiting to be made into something.
  5. Purpleheart Sea Turtle

    Carved this out of purpleheart. Only a couple hours' work. Finished with carnauba wax (I work with tobacco pipes, so it's a familiar, easy finish).
  6. Apple For the Teacher

    My wife just became a teacher so I decided to make a pencil holder for her desk. I actually am not finished with this project. I still have to drill the holes for the pencils and to put on the finish, which is where I could use some advice. I was hoping for some input. I wanted to use red...
  7. Paper Weight

    This was a product requested by another employee I work with at FedEx for her and her husbands 3rd year anniversary. She showed me the picture of the glass (Pic 3) that she found on the internet and wanted me to replicate that with wood! So, we'll see how she likes it tomorrow morning ;) All...
  8. Rosary box turned into a paperweight

    This padauk paperweight started off as a rosary box, but I blew up the inner compartment. I decided to cut my losses and filled it with fine grade sand to weigh it down. This was my first go at inlay. It's about 3.5"x 3.5"x 1"
  9. Joinery
    Once I quarreled with my wife, she is not willing to forgive me. In order to show my apologies, I made this dresser had given her. material:Fiber board,Mosaic. decoration:The paint.
1-9 of 9 Results